Sex Sling

Sex feels like you're floating in the air—no doubt about it. It's like seeing rainbows and butterflies and unicorns over the mountaintops. Metaphorical? Not with the Lovegasm's Sex Slings Collection! Feel the antigravity features of our harnesses, and experience cloud nine from riding on these slings!

Choose from a wide variety of choices that we offer: body- and door-type slings, suspensions and harnesses, portable and detachable, double-strapped, leg-spreading slings, and many more. All these you can get for great affordable deals!

What comes when you order a sling? Our sling collection uses only the highest of the highest quality materials. The products come in a combination of meticulously and machine-intertwined and interwoven nylon belts, faux and genuine leathers, Spandex, and stainless steel metal—all of which can withstand heavy loads, such as the average human weight.

The slings also feature cushioned pads for the neck and arms, and legs to minimize the stress concentrated on these body points when suspended mid-air. Lastly, these slings come with hooks and shims to make them readily available to be used once you receive your purchase. We cater a set of slings, those that come with beams that can be mounted right away. But if you are on a tighter budget, get one with the sling alone, and do the installation yourself. The choice is yours, as you're a valued customer!

Slings, compared to swings, require less effort when it comes to installation. All you need is your body, your partner, your imagination, and your intense desire for wild and naughty sex. Some of the slings in this collection require users to twist the body and bend the knees. Others are ready-to-wear, those which can be attached to the body. Some variants need to be suspended to door jambs for additional stability. And once installed to your body or any parts of your home, you can go ahead and start the fun—that's how easy it is to use these slings! Experiment and be innovative in trying out sexual positions using the sling. You can do giddy-up stirrups, swinging cowgirl, butterfly, magic carpet, weightless sixty-nine, and so much more! Exhaust the sling of your choice until you both cum!

Of course, always after use, you need to maintain the newness of your sex furniture. With intense action comes the sweat and jizz from your labor. Your body fluids may have splatted on the surfaces of the slings, so clean them after. For nylon and metal parts, water and mild soap would suffice. For leather, faux and real, a toy cleaner is your best bud. Make sure to dry them before hanging them in your cabinet. Reuse them as often as necessary.

When you think you've tried everything in sex, you're wrong if you haven't incorporated our sex slings into your play. Let not only your imagination fly but let your libido skyrocket up to your head with our Sex Slings Collection. They will give you and your partner the best days of your life—that's a guarantee! You have a lot to choose from, so get your preferred sling now!

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