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Try new pleasure with our range of penis plugs. When inserted in the urethra, they stretch it over time and allow urethral sounding, which some find intensely pleasurable. Our sounding kits offer several sizes, while electro and vibrating penis plugs offer additional pleasure. Try internal prostate stimulation today with a longer urethral sound!

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For people looking to explore urethral stimulation, a penis plug will probably be the first toy you try. They are relatively simple, so it’s easy for you to get the hang of insertion and see what the feelings are like, but there’s enough variation for you to try different things out.

What Is A Penis Plug?

The humble penis plug is one of the simpler sex toys you can find. They are relatively small, straight plugs designed to be used for urethral insertion. Most are made of stainless steel and have either a T-bar or small ring on the end to stop it from being inserted too far or being lost.

Despite the name, these sex devices are suitable for both sexes and can be very pleasurable for everyone. Versions like those designed specifically for women tend to be a bit shorter and often called urethral plugs instead. This is because the female urethra is significantly shorter than a man’s.

What is a Penis Plug Used For?

In the past, penis plugs were often used as a tool to help people with urinary tract problems by opening up the urethra and making it easier to pass urine.

While doing this, people often felt some pleasure from the stimulation of the nerves in and around the urethra and it wasn't long before recreational versions were developed. Over time these have gradually become more popular among users seeking this pleasure.

The main time you would use a penis plug is during masturbation. As you insert it directly into the urethra, they can be extremely difficult to use during full on intercourse. There are some variants that do work though, and have a hollow center allowing you to pass fluids through the plug.

This sex toy can also play a part in a relationship with BDSM elements. The dominant partner can have control of the plug and can take advantage of it to inflict light amounts of pain on their partner if that’s something they enjoy. You should take great care when using penis plugs in this way, as it is very easy to cause damage to someone’s urethra!

Types of Penis Plug

  • Shape: Most versions follow a very standard cylindrical shape. Some can be tapered though, getting thicker the further you insert them. This gives your urethra a bit more of a stretch.
  • Length: Your ideal choice should be not super long for your cock, but they can vary in length for slightly deeper penetration.
  • Decoration: You might find other iterations with more unusual parts on the end. Rather than simple rings or bars, they might have different shapes, or even jewels inset.
  • Texture: While most plugs are as smooth as possible, some will have textures along the surface. These can be rings, raised patterns, designs, or even small balls a bit like anal beads.
  • Vibration: In more recent years, vibrating versions have begun to appear. These provide incredibly intense sensations by constantly stimulating the sensitive nerves of the urethra.
  • Electrical Stimulation: While it will be rare to find a penis plug with this built in, some people like to add a little shock to their urethral play. They attach the plug to a tens unit, which provides small electrical shocks while you wear the plug. In general, this isn’t advised.
  • Hollow Plugs: If you plan on wearing a penis plug for a longer amount of time, you might wonder what you do when you need the loo. Luckily some plugs are designed to be completely hollow, so you can still expel bodily fluids while you wear them. These plugs will often have a small ball which screws on the end to cover the hole while it isn’t needed.
  • Sperm Stoppers: While these aren’t specifically penis plugs, they are a variation on the theme. Sperm stoppers sit around the head of the cock, and a small arm penetrates the urethra. Some sperm stoppers have longer arms than others, so they can give much of the same sensations with some additional penile stimulation.

With the right knowledge and preparation, you can enjoy a penis plug just as much as any other sex toy you’ve tried. Whichever type you choose, the way you use them is mostly the same. The feelings can be something completely new and different though, and a penis plug is the perfect place to start when exploring urethral stimulation.

How Do You Use a Penis Plug?

This is a question with a somewhat obvious answer. To use one, you simply insert it into your urethra. You shouldn’t just jump straight in though as urethral play is a delicate process and doing it incorrectly could cause your body a lot of damage!

Wearing Your Penis Plug: Preparation

Even before you start using your penis plug, you should be thinking about things that could go wrong. For example, you should use your finger to feel the entire surface of the plug. If you feel any bumps, lumps, or sharp edges then inserting your plug could be quite dangerous.

Some plugs will be stamped with a marking to tell you the size of the plug, which can be a particularly common area of imperfection. If it’s a brand new plug and you find imperfections you can return it to the store and get one that is properly smoothed out. Over time though, all penis plugs are subject to this kind of wear and tear.

If you do happen to find any rougher areas on your plug, then you can take some time to file them down yourself with a nail file or emery paper. These checks should be done before you use your plug every single time as even during storage or movement damage can happen.

You should usually try to urinate before using your penis plug. This serves somewhat of a double function, as properly clearing your pipes can get rid of any small amounts of bacteria that might still be in the urethral tubing. It can also make it easier to reach orgasm, as some people struggle to orgasm with a full bladder. Also, once your plug is inserted you aren’t going to be able to pee until you remove it (unless you have a hollow plug), so it’s good to get this out of the way before you start.

Lubrication is the final stage of preparation you’ll need to take care of before you can get started. The urethra does produce some lubrication, but this is only to protect itself from bacteria and is nowhere near enough to assist with insertion. But it does absorb water, so water-based lubricants aren’t going to be as effective as the other kinds.

Whichever type of lube you use, it needs to be completely sterile, so it doesn’t irritate your urethra. You might even want to pick up a lube specifically designed for urethral play.

With your chosen lube in hand, make sure that your plug is fully covered in it and put a little on your urethra too. You’ll then be ready to insert your plug.

Wearing Your Penis Plug: Insertion

With all the preparation out of the way, you’ll probably be keen to get into things and insert your plug! Try not to get too excited though. When inserting the tube, it’s important to stay calm and relaxed and take your time.

You should never force the plug in. Most of the time if you aren’t making any mistakes you should be able to simply slide it in without much resistance. Most men might find that it’s much easier to insert the plug before they become erect.

If you still find yourself having trouble, then you’re probably using a plug that’s a size that’s too big for you. Both the longer and girthier models aren’t recommended for beginners. You need to gradually stretch your urethra over time to accommodate these!

Urethral play can give you some of the strongest and most enjoyable sexual experiences you can have. So, what are you waiting for? Get started with your own penis plugs today!

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