Male Chastity Devices

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Male Chastity Devices

Male Chastity Devices, or Cock Cages, are the primary method for men to practise male chastity.

Male Chastity is when a man decides to hand over control of his pleasure to someone else (usually a Mistress) or restrict himself.

Many men who enjoy chastity do it for more than just orgasm denial. Elements of role reversal, dominance and submission, humiliation, bondage and many other sexual practises can become part of a chastity dynamic.

Whatever form of chastity pledge you prefer, the most important part will be finding the ideal cage for you. With so many options to choose from, it’s easy to be intimidated.

Keep reading to learn more about the different types of cage, so you can choose the perfect Lovegasm cage today!


For men thinking about wearing a chastity cage for the first time, there are two factors you should consider above all others: comfort and weight.

You won’t be used to wearing a cage at all and you’ll probably want to practise wearing it for longer and longer period of time. A bulky, heavy cage would be the worst choice.

Instead, pick up something lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wear.

To keep things simple, we’d recommend picking up a silicone or resin cage, with an easy-to-use pee-hole. Our Watchful Eye resin cage fits the bill perfectly here.

Loosely based on the classic CB6000 chastity cage design, this is a light, flexible option that even the greenest slave should have no trouble wearing. This cage has plenty of gaps, so your penis will still be able to breathe and move around a bit during longer sessions.

Other great cages to check out include the Good Things (Don’t) Cum in Small Packages and the Peek-A-Boo male chastity cages.

Metal Chastity Cages

Metal cock cages offer an entirely new world of chastity fun. While we wouldn’t recommend these to complete beginners due to the extra weight, once you’ve got used to wearing a cage you might want to quickly move onto a metal cage.

These come with many benefits over other materials. Most importantly, they wont bend or give way, like a softer cage might. If you really want to feel your cock being caged, then meal is the way to go.

Metal cages are also a great way to start experimenting with more long-term lockup periods. These cages are the most durable and will need replacing less often. Less replacement means less time unlocked!

Our top recommendation to a slave looking to feel the steel on their skin is the Put A Ring on It Chastity Device. The unique ringed design means this cage restricts you in all the right places, and let’s Mistress have her fun with plenty of gaps to tease you through.


Another route the more experienced slave might want to explore is feminisation and sissy play. This dynamic leans heavily into the idea that the woman has all the power in the relationship, and the man is subject to her desires.

As men embrace their sissy side, they tend to find that they become more placid, gentle, and loving towards their partner. For some it ends there, while others go the whole way, turning their man into the perfect little sissy.

When looking for a cage fit for a sissy, what could be better than pink? Lovegasm’s range includes a variety of pink options, but our recommendation has to go to the Silicone Sissy Male Chastity Device.

With its matte color and sleek lines, this cage is sure to catch the eye of any Mistress.

Intense Chastity Devices

You’ve been wearing cages for a while, and you want something else to spice things up again. You want that feeling of wonder and terror you had when you first started practising chastity. You need intense cock cages.

These cages aren’t for the feint hearted, and often have additional features to give you that extra buzz. Examples include electrostimulation, full enclosure cages (which leave no part of the penis exposed, or even cages with urethral plugs.

For the slave who thinks it’s got a bit too mundane, try the Merciless Cock Chastity Device. This cage comes with a four-inch urethral plug and is a little on the smaller side. There’s no way any slave can escape.


Sometimes your Mistress just wants to show you off to all her friends. But you can’t be seen wearing that ratty old cage that you normally wear. When there’s a big occasion, slaves should always look their best in one of our highly decorative cages.

These cages include intricate designs, fascinating patterns, and sleek lines. Some, simply have that “wow” factor, and look unlike anything else when worn.

Our favourite is the Ox Gold Metal Cage, which not only comes in an unusual and eye catching color, but also features a unique ox design to encase your cock. Each eye in this design is inset with a colored gem, making it the centrepiece of any chastity scenario.

The Cellmate

This cage is unique enough that we can’t possibly group it with any of our other cages. The Cellmate is the world’s first, app-controlled chastity device.

Whether you’re in different rooms of the house, or on different sides of the planet, your Mistress will be able to pick and choose exactly when your cage comes off.

The Cellmate app also features a self-locking timer, making this the perfect solution for solo slaves who can’t resist temptation. Once that timer starts, the cage doesn’t come off.

Choosing the Right Cage

When choosing your own cage, make sure to think about the points we’ve discussed above. Making sure you know what you want from the cage will play a big role in the decision, so think carefully about each aspect.

You might want something very different if you’re only planning to use it as a temporary cage before trying something more extravagant. Or you might want a more challenging cage just for those times when Mistress is in the mood.

The other important part of your decision is measuring. You should take extra care to gather accurate measurements of your penis’s length and girth, to ensure you choose a cage that fits well. You should take these measurements while flaccid, and add a little extra so that there’s room to move in the cage.

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