Black Rangy Super Long Anal Beads
Black Rangy Super Long Anal Beads
Black Rangy Super Long Anal Beads
Black Rangy Super Long Anal Beads
Black Rangy Super Long Anal Beads
Black Rangy Super Long Anal Beads
Black Rangy Super Long Anal Beads

Ever since you were young, you ask for the bigger things - massive toy trucks, longer candy strips, giant robots, etc. That is fine, as it's natural for kids to get enticed with fancy things. However, now that you're an adult, you still ask for more, especially in the adult toys sections!

Try the extremest and wildest Black Rangy Super Long Anal Beads to suffice your craving! This sex device suits an experienced user like you with its 43.31-inch length. That's right - it is that humongous! It has 13 spade-shaped, alternately-arranged big and small beads along with its link.

The material used is high-quality silicone making it a safe-to-use product for the insides of your anus. The touch and texture are soft and smooth, ensuring easy entry of each bead into your butthole, so you can enjoy the toy without having to worry about getting yourself scratched.

It has a handle at its base, a loop that acts as a stopper and trigger that you can pull once all the spades are inside your asshole. If you are artistic enough, you can also use the latter as a cock and ball ring while the beads are inside your rear hole.

Veteran users are the target market of this toy due to its massive length. Although, novice users are welcome to try it too as it's easy to install anyway. Just apply a tremendous amount of water-based lube onto the link, then into your butt. Start inserting the first bead, then the second, until you reach your desired depth.

Put all the beads inside you and slowly pull them out one by one - it's like someone is knocking your inside walls, but in the most pleasurable way. And when you think you're going to cum, continue pulling the link out with the explosion of your divine orgasm.

You can feel the heart-rushing excitement as each bead gets pulled out from the butt while your cock is erupting those swimming sperms! Almighty, it feels like heaven!

After exhausting the device, make sure to clean it with water and mild soap and then disinfect it with isopropyl alcohol. Dry it completely, then store it so you can reuse it for the next session.

If the average 7-10-inch dildos and plugs don't make you happy, then get this piece now!

Color Black
Material Silicone
Dimensions 43.31 inches (110 cm)

Total Length: 43.31 inches (110 cm)
Insertable length: Up to the last bead
Handle: N/A (Stretchable)
Small beads: 0.98 inch (2.50 cm)
Large: 1.18 inches (3.00 cm)
Link: 0.47 inches (1.20 cm)


Black Rangy Super Long Anal Beads

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