Long Anal Beads

Whoever said that anal sexing means loving a pussy less clearly hasn't tried exploring the pleasure of both.

It is true that once you go anal, you will never go back to your vanilla-flavored shagging. However, it doesn't exactly mean that you will have to ditch your coochie over a newfound glory. Come on, let the enjoyment of your backside be the start of something new. Remember that sexual gratification reigns at the end of your comfort zone.

We've got the best selection of anal sex toys that can be enjoyed individually by both men and women and even for couples! Take a tour and splurge yourself with pieces from our Long Anal Beads Collection.

Of course, size matters. You have to take note that no two persons are alike when it comes to reaching orgasm. Some have shallow hotspots, while others may take you a while to find and stimulate. If you happen to be the latter, then you have come to the right page.

Although the famous butt plug and anal beads belong to the same adult sex toy family, they differ in terms of usage and ways of stimulation. The butt plug is made to stay put while butt beads provide pleasure when you move them in and out during anal sex.

In this collection, we are proud to present you our mind-blowing top-of-the-line extended anal toys that include various products from beginner beads, anal beads butt plug, to prostate massager butt beads, and more!

Each piece stands out with high-grade silicone, TPE, crystal glass, and metal base materials. So, you can rest assured you are stuffing your sweet baby bum with only the best.

From the silicone and TPE contents, arise commendable qualities of softness and suppleness. With these two attributes, you will find it easy to accommodate the gizmos at their full lengths. On the other hand, the glass and metal ones highlight their sleekness above all. While it is daunting to try a hard product like this inside your bumhole, you can still lay all your guards down with the spheres' smooth and well-polished surfaces. Taking great tools has never been this easy with all these babies!

The longer, the better says all the toys that made it to our collection. Some can be used for double action fun and excitement with their duo dongs features. Other gizmos promise small beginnings and gradual insertion with their tapered patterns. You can find a bendable one that can be flexed relatively to your position, so you can go anal all you want with ease.

As if these things are not yet enough, we can offer you more with large options like our realistic-looking cocks with pecker heads and veiny shafts. And of course, who wouldn't want to make magical backside moments with a magic-wand-looking tool? Full-beaded, semi-beaded, dildo-like, name it, we got you covered!

The hues come multifariously too. Choose one that matches your personality perfectly. Get the neutral black, silver, and flesh shades, or celebrate your love for chromatic colors.

Always remember to lube up properly before going for a long ride. Silicone and TPE-based toys suit perfectly with a water-based solution. These two don't work fine with a silicone-based one as the latter tends to dissolve the materials mentioned above chemically. Use whatever you like for the metal and glass toys as these are sturdy enough to handle all types of lubricants.

Keep these toys hygienic all the time by washing them with warm water and mild soap. For deeper cleaning and sterilization, you may put the silicone-based, glass, and metal toys to a boil for 5 to 10 minutes. We don't recommend you to the same for the TPE ones as it may jeopardize its high-quality.

Going long will help you go strong. Make sure to collect all the toys here on our extensive selection. Get your personal sex beads now and prepare your booty to accommodate a lengthy dicky.

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