Find your perfect pleasure partner with Lovegasm's huge range of Dildos. Choose from realistic designs and ease in with body-safe, soft materials like silicone, or go hard with stunning glass. Exciting designs let you live wild fantasies with dragon, ejaculating and spiked dildos available. Choose a comfortable size to guarantee pleasure, whether that be a huge dildo, thin, or even inflatable.

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Frequently Asked Questions
Answers to your most common questions about dildos.
Frequently Asked Questions
What is a dildo?

Simply put, any insertable sex toy is a dildo. They’re made to provide penetrative sexual pleasure. Despite many variations with different names, dildos are usually penis-shaped and made of synthetic materials.

How is a dildo different from a vibrator?

Simply put, any insertable sex toy is a dildo. They’re made to provide penetrative sexual pleasure. Despite many variations with different names, dildos are usually penis-shaped and made of synthetic materials.

How do I choose the right size dildo?

Use another object you’ve had inside you for reference. That may be 1 or more fingers, another sex toy, or a penis. The width and length of previous penetration serves as a guide to know your ideal dildo size.

How do I know which dildos are body safe?

Medical-grade silicone, borosilicate glass or stainless steel are the only 100% body-safe dildo materials. All other materials contain harmful plastic chemicals or cannot be kept hygienic. For anal play, ensure your dildo has a flared base.

The Best Will Hit The Spot

The health benefits associated with frequent orgasm and the intense pleasure that a dildo offers has made them incredibly popular sex toys.

Dildos come packed with features just for enhancing your pleasure. Many are shaped to hit sensitive areas like the g-spot, clitoris and prostate, and even less-known pleasure spots like the a-spot and cervix. Learning how to stimulate these areas is the first challenge—buying the right dildo to target them is the second.

Dildo Types

Finding the perfect type has a huge impact on how a dildo feels. With so many materials, designs, and sizes available, picking one can be daunting, but a little research can help you get a feel for exactly which dildo is best for you.

Dildo Materials

Material affects how soft or hard a dildo is, how easy it is to clean, and even whether or not it is body-safe. Sex toy retailers often have shady practices regarding materials, and it’s important to pick dildos that contain no plastic and are non-porous.

These 3 materials are recommended and 100% body-safe.
  • Medical Grade Silicone: This soft, flexible material is popular and body-safe. Ensure any silicone dildo explicitly says “medical grade” to avoid cheap, harmful alternatives.
  • Glass: A firm alternative to silicone, glass dildos are body-safe. Its hardness allows creative, beautiful designs that provide firm pleasure.
  • Stainless Steel: Another body-safe hard material, it's commonly used to make steel wands .
These materials carry varying degrees of risk. Avoid them, or at least cover them with a condom during use.

  • ABS Plastic: Cover. While it is non-porous, plastics contain phthalates which have associated risks. It is the safest option on this list, but still recommended to cover with a condom.
  • TPE/TPR: Avoid. These soft plastic rubbers are both porous and full of harmful chemicals.
  • Rubber: Avoid. Any dildo listed as rubber is probably TPE or TPR and porous.
  • Jelly Silicone: Avoid. Anything listed as jelly silicone is usually made with plastics and can be porous.
There are many other materials out there, but it’s recommended to stick with silicone, glass or steel to be safe.

Popular Dildo Features

Find your perfect pleasure partner with our most popular dildo types.

  • Vibrating: Adding a pleasurable buzz to your dildo can make climax even easier to achieve. Battery operated or rechargeable, vibrating dildos can have other features as well.
  • G-Spot: These feature a curve at the tip and are designed to push against your G-spot as you thrust.
  • Prostate Massagers: Designed specifically as an anal toy for men , they are curved and usually feature bulbs to push pleasurably against the prostate.
  • Anal: Anal dildos must have a flared base to prevent the toy getting lost inside you. Materials like glass and steel make good choices as they are easy to clean, though silicone is also safe.
  • Strap Ons: These dildos strap to your body and allow you to simulate having a penis and penetrate someone with it. Great for pegging and lesbian relationships.
  • Inflatable: A hand-pump allows inflatable dildos to be blown up, expanding while inside you. This lets you take bigger toys that you usually could, and the gradual stretch feels amazing.
  • Realistic: Shaped to mimic a real penis with a life-like head and veins, realistic dildos give you all the pleasure of the real thing.
  • Suction Cup: Perfect for riding, doggystyle, shower-sex and other fun positions , suction cup dildos are very common and allow intense pleasure without needing your hands to move the dildo.
  • Thrusting: Thrusting dildos contain a motor that makes the dildo move back-and-forth, simulating the feeling of sex so you can lay back and enjoy the ride.

Dildo Sizes

Dildos come in a range of sizes to suit any level of experience. Picking the “right” length and width is different for everyone, but picking a size that suits you will maximize your pleasure.

When choosing size, it’s best to consider how big your previous sexual experiences were. Whether it was 1 or 2 fingers, a penis, or another dildo, these can serve as a guide for the size that would suit you best now.

  • Width: This is usually where people run into trouble. Too wide, and you won’t even be able to insert the dildo . Too thin, and there won’t be enough pressure to feel good. Thin dildos are ideal for beginners, while large or thick dildos are best if you’ve had experience with sex toys before and know your ideal size.
  • Length: Has more wiggle-room for experience. Even if you buy a long dildo, you won’t need to insert it the whole way. Long dildos are advantageous as their versatile length allows you to hit all the spots, and they are easier to ride, but they are usually heavier and can be unwieldy to use. They range from 8 inch dildos all the way up to 12 inch dildos, while double dildos can reach a shocking 22 inches. Shorter dildos are user-friendly, cheaper, easy to hide and sometimes all you need, but can sometimes lack the length to provide deeper stimulation.

Fantasy Dildos

Far, far away from plain-old cocks, we have dildos made to fulfill fetishes and bring vivid sexual fantasies and scenes to life. Characterized by their huge sizes, intense textures, and fantastical (or sometimes downright disturbing!) themes, fantasy dildos are a gateway into the darker side of passion and BDSM.

  • Dragon: The classic fantasy toy that popularized more extreme designs, dragon dildos are bright, colorful, and usually long and thick enough to look right at home as a real dragon's dong.
  • Monster: The dildo of choice for those with monster fetishes, monster dildos allow exploration of dark fantasies like being dominated by werewolves, aliens or other hellish beasts.
  • Tentacle: Countless anime and hentai's attest to the appeal of tentacle dildos. For some, the thought of being relentlessly pleased with every hole being filled to the brim is incredibly sexy.
  • Animal: For a more primal fetish, animal dildos are popular for their unique, intense designs. Dog dildos feature large knots at the base, while horse dildos are a classic huge dildo choice.

Getting The Most Pleasure Out Of Your Dildo

Being good at sex takes practice, and dildo sex toys are no exception. Learning how to use your dildo will make it feel better and make your orgasms more intense.

Both men and women have extremely sensitive internal areas that when stimulated, can feel intensely pleasurable and bring about orgasm. Experimenting to find the right depth, angle and pressure for your dildo can help you learn to find these spots as everyone's body is different. For women, the G-spot is generally located 2-3 inches in the vagina, and pressing upward toward the belly can hit it, while the less-known a-spot is around 6 inches in and the same angle usually stimulates it. Deeper penetration can stimulate the cervix which for some, can lead to orgasm, while anal penetration can indirectly stimulate all these areas , including the super sensitive anus itself.

For men, the main goal with dildos is the prostate. This small gland is located in the male anus and is responsible for producing the majority of fluid in ejaculate, and can actually bring about prostate orgasms without any stimulation of the penis! To stimulate it with a dildo or prostate massager, go in between 2-3 inches and angle the dildo toward the penis.

There are plenty of ways to increase pleasure with dildos, and these are just a few.
  • Set The Mood: Being comfortable in your environment goes a long way to enhancing sexual pleasure. Make sure you have privacy, and get low, relaxing lighting like candles going.
  • Get Turned On: Whether it’s getting comfortable in bed, reading your favorite erotica or throwing on a sexy movie, getting in the mood is key to enjoying a dildo.
  • Lube: Lube is an amazing way to make any sexual activity feel as pleasurable as possible.
  • Try it With a Partner: Far from a solo sex toy, dildos make great foreplay tools and can get you warmed up for sex. They can also be used in double penetration with a partner.
  • Try Creative Sex Positions: There are many sex positions that enhance pleasure. Doggystyle, missionary, riding and sideways positions have many variations, each of which tenses or relaxes certain muscles that can make the experience feel very different.

Cleaning And Maintaining Your Dildo

Keeping your dildo clean is vital in making sure no harmful bacteria stays and multiples on the surface. Non-porous dildos are simple to clean, and should be thoroughly sterilized before and after use to prevent infections.

Any dildo can be cleaned by rinsing it and gently scrubbing it with your hands or a clean, disposable dish-cloth under warm water. After all debris is rinsed off, rub hand-soap on the dildo and scrub again with the cloth, ensuring the entire surface is soaped and scrubbed. Rinse off with warm water and leave the dildo to completely air-dry before storing it. For soft materials like silicone or plastic, this method is sufficient. Hard materials like glass and metal can be sterilized in a dishwasher which some find more convenient.

Like anything, dildos can have an expiry date. It’s a good idea to check your dildo for signs of damage or wear. Soft materials may start to wear away in patches, and if their glossy non-porous surface wears off, the toy is no longer sterile to use and should be replaced. Stainless steel and metals are very durable but can rust if left in damp conditions for a long time. Glass will not wear naturally, but care must be taken to avoid dropping it, as small chips can form and be dangerous. Storing dildos of any material in their specialized bag received on purchase from Lovegasm will ensure wear of any kind is delayed, ensuring your dildo stays in tip-top shape for years of pleasure.

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