9 - 12.9 Inch Dildos

You better make sure that you have nine lives when you try one of our 9 inch dildos. These penetrating sex toys are ready to go deeper and harder inside you.

It’s extremely rare for a man to have nine inches of meat under his pants. So, unless you plan to walk around asking every passerby what the length of their manhood is, you probably want to stick to something more pleasant.

If you are a lover of all BBCs, then you will love all the products in this collection. This variety of sexual goodness can help you achieve your dream of trying out some big dicks. Let’s not tell your partner about this, though.

You already know the drill. We provide a ton of options for you and your lover. If he wants to give you something big (and unfortunately doesn’t have it), he can avail some of our hollow dildos and make you the happiest woman alive.

Most of our sex toys are made from medical grade silicone and thermoplastic elastomer (TPE). We also have a few made from glass as well. Although there are some differences between both the soft and hard materials, each has its own advantages and disadvantages.

Go for our soft materials if you want to experience something that’s close to the real thing. Both silicone and TPE are pliable and flexible so you can maneuver the toy easily. Choosing this type of material for your dildo will also give you a similar experience of having sex with a real penis.

If you want a suction cup to fasten it on the floor or on the wall, a silicone or TPE dildo will give you that feature. Whether you have a sex partner or not, the chances of getting penetrated by a nine-inch monster are slim to none. This gives you a chance to change all of that.

How about glass? What’s so special about them, and why are they still on the hype despite being a fragile material?

This type of glass that we have on our dildos doesn’t chip or break easily. They’re specifically designed to be used inside the human body. As with our softer materials, glass is also high-quality and does not include any harsh chemicals that shouldn’t be introduced internally.

The glass for our penetrating sex toys is also smooth without any nicks or rough edges to prevent discomfort or any irritation. But don’t worry, we know that some get bored with smooth surfaces. So, we’ve included other products that have bumps or raised dots to increase the stimulation as it travels in and out of your vaginal canal.

Glass introduces two other types of fetishes as well. Since this is a heavier material that’s very solid, it also feels just as hefty inside. Temperature play is also a thing for this material. Just submerge the toy into hot or cold water to absorb the temperature according to your erotic desire.

Stop wasting time with puny objects and take advantage of these 9 inch dildos!

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