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Size matters when it comes to pleasure, and our 9 to 12 inch long dildos are sure to please. Feel the hefty weight before riding away with suction cups , try realistic or fantasy designs , or keep it plain and simple. Body-safe silicone or glass offer hygienic pleasure in a big package—try one of our dildos today.

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Get more from your dildo than you can possibly take with a 12 inch dildo. Long dildos are versatile as they give you the option to go as deep as you like, without needing to take the entire thing. This sets them apart from huge dildos with big width and girth without any risk of the toy being uncomfortable or not fitting.

A dildo with big length adds intensity to your pleasure in many ways. Seeing a huge, realistic dildo leaves an impression—you know exactly how it will feel, and that you’re going to take every last inch or cum trying. Aside from the psychological impact, a 10 inch dildo will fill you to the brim, leaving no part of your sensitive body untouched as you thrust.

Understanding your own body is important if you want to reach orgasm, and 10 inch dildos usually are big enough to hit all your pleasure spots. For women, the G-spot lays just 3-4 inches deep in the vagina, while the A-spot is 5-6 inches deep. The cervix’s depth changes when it is stimulated, going from 4 inches deep all the way to 8 inches as it relaxes. If vaginal pleasure is your only goal, then a 9 inch dildo is more than long enough for most body types. Anal stimulation can indirectly hit all of these female spots, as well as targeting sensitive nerves, but additional length is needed to hit the cervix through the anus.

For men who enjoy anal stimulation, the prostate is the main goal. This sensitive gland connects to the base of your penis and plays a big role in orgasm and pleasure, sitting 2-3 inches deep in the male anus. That’s not very deep, right? So why would a man use a longer dildo? The answer is the intensely sensitive nerves located deep in the anus, and the bladder. The deep perineal nerve can be stimulated without going too deep which leads to the much desired male full body orgasm, and pressuring the bladder through anal stimulation forces the prostate to rhythmically contract and relax, just as it does during ejaculation. A 9 inch dildo is enough to hit the bladder and perineal nerve, but If you want to go deeper, a 12 inch dildo can easily target the pudendal nerve. All these pleasure spots are located in different depths in the anus and stimulating them can lead to intense anal and prostate orgasm far beyond simple penile orgasms.

Choosing the right dildo length will allow you to target all these sensitive spots with ease, and this list of lengths can help you find the type of pleasure and stimulation you’re looking for.
  • 8 Inch Dildos: Browse our smaller dildos from 6-8 inches for a more light-weight, maneuverable experience that still allows you to hit the G-spot or prostate.
  • 9 Inch Dildos: The perfect length for vaginal stimulation, 9 inches is just enough to hit the cervix when fully aroused.
  • 10 Inch Dildos: Perfect length for hands-free riding, all while providing plenty of options for hitting all pleasure spots.
  • 11 Inch Dildos: A great size for an anal dildo as it is capable of hitting the deeper nerves in the female or male anus.
  • 12 Inch Dildos: Departing from the realm of human penis comparisons, 12 inches promise an extreme stretch that even size queens and kings treat with respect.
  • 13 Inch Dildos And Bigger: In a world where bigger is better, there are truly giant dildos with extreme lengths for those who find pleasure in them.

Once you’ve decided on your length, decide on a body-safe material. Medical-grade silicone dildos are the most common material for larger toys, as firmer materials like glass or metal would be too heavy. Ribbed dildos can add additional texture for even more pleasure, and choosing the right girth is just as important as the length. Keep your toy hygienic and safe by cleaning with warm soapy water before and after use to prevent infections. As dildos have two measurements, one for total length, and another insertable length, make sure the insertable length matches your expectations from the toy.

A 10 inch dildo is an excellent length for a suction cup, a feature you’ll find that most of our long toys include. This makes them great dildos for riding, doggystyle and other creative suction cup dildo positions as they are long enough to anchor far away from your body and still give you plenty of length to ride.

Buy now and have the ride of your life on a 12 inch dildo.

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