How to Peg Your Man

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Pegging—it’s the spice of the bedroom where you strap on and deliver bliss to your partner. It’s popularity is increasing among adventurous couples looking to reverse traditional roles.
Role reversal in the bedroom entails consent and good, old-fashioned communication. We’ll give you helpful tips, deal with misconceptions, and unwrap the how-tos of pegging your man for a toe-curling experience.

What Is Pegging?

Pegging—it doesn't only mean secure a tent or steal a second base in baseball play. In the bedroom, pegging means strap-on dildo action. Imagine it as an exhilarating switch of roles where you're the one in control, sailing the pleasure sea.
It's time to debunk the myth: pegging is for everyone, regardless of gender, to explore an adventurous sexual experience. It's a play for anyone keen on pushing boundaries and tickling the prostate—yeah, that's the P-spot, the hidden gem of male pleasure. It's like a tango that goes beyond physical harmony. Pegging can shake up those power dynamics, flipping the script on who's calling the shots.
So, get ready for an orgasmic, body-rocking journey.

What Is A Strap On?

Two important elements make up a strap-on: the harness and the dildo. Once the harness is secure around your waist, it's ready to hold its partner in place. Now, there are harnesses - oh, quite the variety! Some hug your body with soft fabrics for a comfy fit, while others boast sturdy leather for that extra secure feeling.
And the dildo? It's all about what's best and suitable – silicone for a silky smooth touch, a size that feels just right, and a shape that hits the sweet spot. First-time buyers, take note: prioritize comfort, compatibility, and a dash of daring when picking your perfect pair.

Why Would Your Man Want To Be Pegged?

Curious why some men love pegging? Let's dive in—it's not just about the taboo thrill. For many, it's the allure of prostate pleasure that beckons. Imagine a button, hidden away, that can unlock waves of intense satisfaction. That's the magic of the P-spot, and pegging is like having the key.
But it goes beyond the physical act. Breaking down gender norms is part of the appeal, too. Pegging can shatter the mold, inviting a world of new sensations and experiences. It's a chance to flip the script, to explore and redefine pleasure together.
In this game, open-mindedness and communication are your MVPs. They're what make the exploration safe and thrilling. Remember, when it comes to the bedroom, preferences are as unique as fingerprints. Your desires? They're yours to define.

How To Peg Your Man

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Ready to explore new heights of pleasure with your man? We've simplified the steps to help you start the pegging journey. First, remember – patience and understanding are your best friends here. Begin with smaller toys to ease into the experience, and keep communication open at every step.
Safety is sexy, so follow these tips to keep it injury-free and pleasure-packed. Don't rush. Be extra sensitive with each other's level of comfort and make sure you're both prepared when increasing the size and intensity. Thrilled to get to the best part?

Communicate And Establish Expectations

Communication is key – it's your golden rule. Before diving into the deep waters of pegging, sit down with your partner and talk it out. Discuss your boundaries, pick a safe word, and air out any fears or desires. Know what you both want from this experience.
And don't let the conversation stop once you start; keep the lines open and check in with each other. It's all about ensuring a thrilling and comfortable adventure for both of you.

Clean And Prepare Yourself

Let's talk cleanliness – it's a must for both of you. Start by giving your strap-on a good wash with mild soap and water, ensuring it's spotless for the main event. As for the body, consider a bathroom trip and a refreshing shower to feel squeaky clean and comfortable.
And if you're all about that extra peace of mind, anal douching is an option, though not a necessity. It's all about what makes you feel confident and ready to dive into pleasure!

Warm Up With Foreplay

Foreplay isn't just a spicy appetizer – it's the key to unlocking a world of comfort and heightened sensations. Engage in activities that get you both revved up – think oral or manual stimulation, whatever floats your boat.
Gently introduce fingers or smaller toys to the mix, paving the way for smooth sailing ahead. And to make your play even more pleasurable, treat lube as your best ally—so be generous with it. Trust me, all you want is to make every move feel blissful, so lube up before you pump!

Start Slowly

Ease into it – that's the mantra for starting your pegging journey. Gentle penetration is the golden rule here. Savor every moment. Use slow, controlled movements while the receiving partner gets comfortable. Pay attention to their body language – a tense back or a quick intake of breath might mean it's time to pause. It's a dance, and you're both learning the steps.
So, giving partner, stay alert. Read their cues, and let their comfort be your guide. Patience here is more than a virtue; it's the pathway to mutual pleasure.

Find A Good Position

Navigating the landscape of positions for pegging can be as thrilling as the act itself. Think about starting with the receiver on top; they get to call the shots on depth and speed, which can be incredibly empowering and comforting. As trust and comfort grow, you might want to explore new horizons – positions like doggy style can offer a different angle of stimulation.
Remember, the right position doesn't only feel comfortable but it also feels good. Communicate, experiment, and find that sweet spot where both of you are in sync and in bliss.


strap on harness
After the intensity of pegging, aftercare is your cozy blanket. It's the time to wind down and care for each other, physically and emotionally. A cuddle or a gentle massage can work wonders in grounding you both after riding such a high. Aftercare is where you find solace and reassurance – it's essential, especially if the experience pushed any boundaries.
Share what you loved, what you didn't, and how you felt throughout. This isn't just pillow talk; it's how you grow closer, how you ensure that every experience is better than the last. Because aftercare is really just another word for love.

Understanding And Overcoming Common Concerns

Pegging can seem daunting for first timers. Worries about discomfort, cleanliness, or even the "what-ifs" may cloud your curiosity. But here's the deal: pain is not a given. With ample lubrication, communication, and a gentle approach, discomfort can be minimized.
Hygiene hang-ups? A good clean of both the strap-on and yourselves can manage that. As for those mental blocks and blush-worthy moments, remember, this is about your pleasure. Embrace the awkwardness—it's part of the journey.
Shed the embarrassment; it's just you and your partner exploring new territories. So, gear up with confidence and let the adventure begin—your pleasure playground awaits!

User Experiences With Pegging

Hear it straight from the source—real people, real thrills. One user raves about the comfort and control their neoprene harness brings to the game. Another can't stop talking about the liberation they feel, breaking free from traditional roles.
And let's not forget the one who found their perfect match with a silicone dildo that hits all the right spots. Dive into forums and you'll see a buzz about harness styles—leather for durability, fabric for ease. And materials? Silicone reigns supreme for its body-safe, easy-to-clean reputation.
The psychological perks? Empowerment, baby! Plus, a dash of vulnerability for a potent mix of mind-blowing intimacy. Tips from seasoned pros? Start with a combo that feels right for you—comfort is king, or queen, or whatever royal title you're rocking in the bedroom. Remember, pegging is a personal journey—tailor it, own it, and enjoy every moment.


You've just navigated the ins and outs of pegging, from understanding what it is to mastering the aftercare. Remember, open dialogue, mutual consent, and ensuring safety are your guiding stars in this journey. Don't rush it—explore pegging at a tempo that feels right for both of you. And to those on the fence, take a breath, and dip your toes in. The realm of new pleasures awaits, and it's okay to be curious. Go on, give it a whirl!
Simone Brooks

A Southern-based author brings clarity to the intimate world of sex toys, focusing on user-friendly guides and reviews for dildos and nipple toys. Drawing from her past as an educator, she crafts content that enlightens and equips her readers, making the exploration of pleasure accessible to all. Beyond writing, she finds solace in nurturing her garden and roaming the countryside with her favorite dogs, where she gathers inspiration for her work.