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There’s a lot of preparation and research you need to do when buying and installing a sex swing. If you’re reading this though, then congratulations! You got through the tough part, now you can have some fun.

It’s time to actually start using your swing!

Setting Up Your Sex Swing

The first step in enjoying your brand new sex swing is obviously going to be setting the thing up. To be clear, if you need to add any fixings into your roof or ceiling then refer to our article on sex swing fittings. In this article, we’re assuming you’ve already made any necessary alterations, and are simply attaching your swing to the fittings.

For some people, setting up the swing will be a one time thing. They leave it out permanently, rather than taking it down between uses. Others prefer to keep things a little more discreet, or don’t have the space to leave it up permanently, so they will need to set up each time they want to use it.

How you set up your swing will depend on which kind you have.

Body sex swings are by far the easiest to set up. These act as harnesses which go one one partner’s body, then the other partner sits in the swing part. All you need to do is put the swing on, and you’re ready to go!

The next easiest type of swing to set up is a door swing. These will have some kind of hook that gets placed over your door. Simply open the door, slide the hooks over the top, then close the door again. If you have one, always lock the door. If not, make sure no-one will open it while you’re using the swing. Your door must be closed for the weight to be properly supported by these swings.

Next up are all types of single and double hook sex swings. These need to be attached to mounting points that you should have already set up and tested. Depending on the design of your swing, it may have carabiners which hook onto your fixings, or the straps/chains may just directly attach to your fittings. With these swings, it’s important to follow the instructions that come with it to make sure everything is set up correctly.

Sex swing stands will be the most difficult to assemble and disassemble each time. The stand will usually come in several different parts, so you’ll have to build that first, and then attach your sex swing to the stand after.

Whichever kind of swing you’re setting up, make sure to follow all instructions that came with them. Check all the weight bearing straps and chains to make sure they aren’t damaged or tangled. Then once you’ve set it all up, test it’s security by pressing down on the seat to make sure it will hold your weight.

Getting Into a Sex Swing

With everything set up, it’s time to climb into the swing. You’ll want to hold onto the straps or seat to make sure it doesn’t move while you try to get into it.

With a lot of swings, this shouldn’t be too difficult. Some can be a bit more challenging to get into though, so you might want to get some help from your partner to make sure that you don’t get tangled or fall over.

Once you’ve got yourself in position, lift your legs up and put them in the stirrups one at a time. It might feel like you’re going to fall out when you do this, but the support on the back of the swing should hold you in place. Again, if you struggle or find this worrying, get your partner to help steady you.

The final part will be to affix any cuffs or straps that hold your arms or any other body parts in place. This will probably be quite hard to do on your own, so your partner will probably need to help.

Having Sex in a Sex Swing

After you’ve got into your swing, it’s finally time for the good stuff!

When you’re first starting out, swing sex will probably be quite tame while you get used to what you can do. Simply sit in the seat, place your legs in the stirrups, and go to town.

Once you get the hang of it though, you’ll probably want to start trying out different positions, intensities, or even things like oral sex. Your imagination is truly the limit, as there are many different things you could do.

Before you start getting too adventurous, you should probably spend some time familiarising yourself with your swing. Each one will distribute your weight slightly differently, so you’ll need to sit, stand or lie in certain positions so you can keep your balance. It’s much easier if you have straps you can hold onto, but if not, you can always use your partner to help.

Checking this stuff out beforehand is always a great idea because losing your balance and falling out of the swing, or realising that the position you wanted to use isn’t really possible are fast ways to kill the mood.

Masturbating in a Sex Swing

Sometimes your partner might not be around, or you might even be single. This is no reason to take your sex swing apart though!

Masturbating in a sex swing can be just as fun, especially if you take advantage of some other sex toys too!

While you won’t be able to enjoy some added features like hand straps, you can definitely still bring yourself to climax while using your swing.

If you’re willing to put in a little extra work, you could even use your sex swing as a makeshift sex machine! By carefully positioning a suction cup dildo, you can swing back and forth and let it penetrate you as you swing.

Sleeping in a Sex Swing?

Sleeping in a hammock or rocking chair can be a very relaxing experience. The gentle back and forth can calm you down, and help you drift off a lot easier.

So it’s only natural that some people might wonder if they can sleep in a sex swing too!

Most of the time, your sex swing would need to be really comfortable to even consider doing this is the first place, so models with metal or wooden seats would almost certainly be out of the question. You’ll also want to avoid using any arm straps that your swing has. Keeping those on while sleeping will definitely affect your blood flow, and you’ll probably wake up not being able to feel your arms.

It’s also vitally important that any swing you try to sleep in has proper support for your back. While asleep you’re naturally going to try to lie down or lean back. Without something to take your weight, you’re likely to just topple out of the chair as soon as you start to drift off.

Disabilities and Sex Swings

Sometimes the reason you purchase a sex swing isn’t based entirely on being adventurous or seeking out kinky new positions. Sometimes, you need a sex swing to have sex at all.

For people with some disabilities, this is the unfortunate truth, and without a swing these people simply can’t get into the positions needed to have sex.

Luckily though, installing a sex swing can help return their sexual freedom! With a bit of help to get in the swing, even seriously impaired people can enjoy the most natural part of being human.

Bondage and Sex Swings

Another great way to take advantage of your sex swing is to explore bondage. This is sometimes referred to as shibari, and is the art of restricting your partner’s movement through intricate rope-work.

To start out, you can try some blindfolds and arm restraints to experience a basic level of restriction. Without the ability to see or move your arms, you’ll be left wondering what your partner will do next. This can make almost anything much more exciting!

If you’re ready to take things up a notch, you can start to use ropes to restrict the arms and legs of your partner. Exploring other sex toys such as nipple clamps can also help to ramp things up.

For the most experienced bondage enthusiasts, sex swing fittings can be used to support ropes which hold your entire weight. Instead of being in a normal sex swing, you’ll be completely suspended in the air in whatever position your partner chooses. This is the ultimate weightless experience, as you’ll be left completely at their mercy.

We need to point out that if you’re going to be using ropes, please make sure you know what you’re doing. Tying the ropes incorrectly, or too tightly, could cut off blow flow and cause damage to your partner’s body. Only fully suspend them if you are experienced, and know exactly how the ropes need to be tied.

Try Other Uses!

While these are just the obvious ways a sex swing can be used, it doesn’t mean they’re the only ways.

In fact, one happy online customer enjoyed his sex swing because it was big enough to put his dogs in while he washes them!

So if you think a sex swing might be good at one thing or another, then don’t be afraid to try it out!

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