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Most of the time, we don’t really want to pay too much attention to safety concerns. They’re boring, uninteresting, and most of all, they just aren’t sexy!

However it’s vitally important that you make sure that any sex equipment you use is safe for you. Whether its a dildo you insert, a vibrator you press against your body, or a sex swing you ride.

Compared to other sex toys, there can be a lot more to worry about with a sex swing. This is important, because the price is much higher if something does go wrong while you use your swing. So before you get too excited and jump straight into the action, always make sure to follow our advice and make sure your time swinging is fun, sexy and safe!

Make Sure The Fixings Are Secure

However your sex swing is fitted, it needs to be able to fully support your weight. This means any fixings that are secured to the ceiling or wall need to be firmly attached. You should check these regularly to make sure they haven’t come loose or damaged in any way.

Even if your fixings were fitted by a professional, over time the strain can loosen them, or the wall can wear down.

Ideally, check all fixings before every use to make sure nothing has gone wrong.

Always Leave The Spring Attached

Some sellers recommend removing the springs that come with your swing, especially if you are over a certain weight. This should NEVER be done.

Just like our cars, beds, and even our bodies, the springs on a sex swing help to absord some of the shock that will naturally happen while you bounce around in it.

Not only will these impacts be uncomfortable, but they may hurt your butt, back or legs. They can also damage your swing, as the different parts will be put under more strain than they were designed to take. Eventually this will usually end with some part of your swing snapping.

Never Remove Your Mounting Points

Having different hooks hanging from your ceiling or wall might not be the most attractive thing, especially if you have guests. While it might be tempting to unscrew them when you aren’t using your sex swing, this is something you should never do.

Screwing the fixing back into the wall will damage the hole, and make the fixing much less secure. Eventually it won’t be able to hold the weight, and your swing will fall down. Only use a fixing point once, and leave it there.

If you don’t want them to visible so friends and family don’t know you have a sex swing, try some creative solutions. You can purchase some large plants, hang photos or artwork from the hooks, or even just hang a coat from them.

Give Your Sex Swing a Once Over Before Use

Each time you want to have a go on your swing, briefly check every part of it for damage. Look for frayed straps or tears, rust of bending on any metal parts, and make sure everything isn’t tangled up.

It shouldn’t take long, and spending a few minutes making sure everything is okay is better than having an accident!

Never Adjust the Swing While In It

You should always try to adjust the swing before you start using it. While it might be annoying to find that something needs loosening or tightening up a tiny bit while you’re using your swing, you need to stop and get out before you do.

The reason for this is that even small adjustments apply force to the various straps and chains. Making even minor adjustments while you’re in your swing will add way more force thanks to your body weight, which can rip, tear or damage the swing.

Don’t Use Your Swing While Intoxicated

It might seem like a great idea after a few drinks, using your swing while under the influence of alcohol (or anything else!) is not a good idea.

You’re more likely to skip safety checks, get into your swing wrong, tangle up the straps, fall out of your swing, the list goes on and on…

Not to mention, the swinging motion can make a lot of people very nauseous while intoxicated. Even if drinking gets you extra in the mood, feeling sick is sure to ruin it!

Don’t Exceed Your Sex Swing’s Weight Limit

Every sex swing will have a weight limit which should be clearly stated on the box or item specifications. It’s vitally important that you don’t exceed this weight limit.

Even if it’s only a few kilograms, once you go over the specified weight limit, your swing is much more likely to break. Not only will this probably hurt, but you’ll also not be able to get any help getting a replacement as you were using the swing in a way it wasn’t designed to be used.

The better option is usually to pick up a swing with a weight limit above what you need. Around 100 kilograms extra will be plenty, as it gives plenty of room for any extra weight if someone else uses your swing or you get a little heavier.

Always Follow Any Instructions That Come With Your Swings

Each swing should come with an instruction manual that will explain what you need to know. This can include where it is suitable to install your swing, the weight limit, and how you can safely use the swing.

You should stick to this guidance, as the manufacturer will know exactly how their product should be used, or more importantly, not used. While you might have a great idea, and think you’re smarter than them, you probably aren’t. It’s highly likely your idea came up during testing, and there’s a reason they say not to do it.

If You Have Any Worries About Your Swing, Seek Professional Help

No, we don’t mean you have to find your local dominatrix to check your swing. But if you are at all worried about the installation of your swing, how much weight it will hold, if it’s safe, or anything similar, then don’t be afraid to talk to a professional.

Depending on your setup, you might seek out a local handyman, carpenter, welder, or various other professionals. Even if they don’t need to do anything, getting their seal of approval can make you a lot less nervous about using your swing.

Don’t Take Sex Swing Safety For Granted

We know it’s not the most exciting part of owning a sex swing. We know that you just want to hop in and have some fun. But please, never neglect your safety when using your swing.

Doing these simple things can make sure that every time you use your swing, you have a great time, and don’t end up in the hospital!

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