The Many Types of Penis Pumps

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If you can’t make your soldier salute, don’t worry — you’re not the only one. Between 5 and 15% of men between the ages of 40 and 70 have some form of erectile dysfunction. And it can happen to anyone because nature is a fickle dame.

So you’re probably in good company. That’s not a consolation, we know, but at least you know there are other men out there trying (and failing) to pitch a tent when it matters most.

Is there a way to the promised land where your Jonson will be more than just a shadow of its former self, we hear you ask. Hallelujah and praise whoever you believe in — there is. To blatantly misquote one of the catchiest choruses from the 21st century, all you have to do is pump it.

Penis Pump — A Friend in Need

If you have erectile dysfunction, you probably aren’t able to maintain an erection for too long. That makes having sex quite difficult and unsatisfactory (for both parties). Most men who deal with this problem search frantically for a solution. Penis pumps are an ideal one. They are non-medical and non-surgical answers to what ails you.

Penis pumps are vacuum constriction devices. Among other things that distinguish different types of these pumps, they can be air-, water-, or power-operated (so we can choose between an electric penis pump and a non-electric one).

Before we dive headfirst into the nitty-gritty of how a penis pump works, let’s take a look at why we should even consider it as an option:

  • Effective — it will cause our twig-n-berries to be on alert long enough for us (and, hopefully, our partners) to reach completion.
  • Low-risk — because it’s non-invasive, there are fewer complications and side effects than with other treatments (drugs and operations pose a higher risk).
  • Affordable.
  • Mix-and-match — we can use penis pumps as primary solutions or combine them with other ED treatments.

Different Parts of a Penis Pump

There’s really not much to it when you think about it. A typical penis pump is a simple device that has three main parts:

  • Tube
  • Seal
  • Vacuum pack

Although simple in design, penis pumps may look like torture devices to most novices. And we get that, really. After all, you’re supposed to put your penis — your friend in arms, your confidant, your biggest supporter — into a constricting device. Then, use the vacuum to make it stiff. But it’s all good. When properly used, penis pumps are perfectly safe.


So, there are three main parts to any penis pump. First up is the tube. It’s a cylindrical clear (or colored, but we’ll talk more about that later) plastic pipe that slides over your buddy and is the designated area in which it will prosper (and, of course, get erect).

The lubrication is critical here because a dry penis and dry constriction chamber walls will not make you happy. It’s neither comfortable nor fun, even if you like a little pain with your pleasure. So don’t forget to lubricate.

Another vital thing is to avoid pulling the scrotum into the chamber (or rather the vacuum sucking it in). Before you do anything with the pump, make sure that the scrotum won’t get sucked in and that it rests entirely (and safely) outside of the tube.


The second part of any penis pump is the seal. It is a type of a ring that’s attached at the bottom part of the tube. It creates a seal (hence the name). We fix it to our body, so it makes a tight seal and doesn’t let any air out.

Vacuum Pack

The final part is the vacuum pack. This is the most vital one because it’s solely responsible for triggering an erection. It can be air-, water-, or power-operated. So with the help of a water or air pump, we can pump the air out of the cylinder to create a vacuum. With electric penis pumps, batteries do this for us.

Once there’s a tight vacuum inside the penis pump cylinder, the penis inside it will start to fill itself blood, thus getting larger and stiffer. Hello, erection, we’ve missed you! Now that it’s here, all we have to do is maintain it.

The constriction ring is your best friend here. It’s responsible for maintaining an erection after you’ve pulled the penis out of the tube. The band comes in many different sizes, so it’s vital that you find the one that will fit you the best to avoid any injuries.

Pressure Gauges and Vacuum Limiters

A penis pump with a pressure gauge is definitely not a mundane and inconspicuous device. It looks like a tire pump on a gas station, and it might repel some people from using it.

However, a pressure gauge that measures the pressure inside of the tube is a vital part of the pump that you shouldn’t overlook (or forgo). Alternatively, you can get a pump with a vacuum limiter (it’s an either/or situation with these two add-ons). Both add-ons prevent mishaps, injuries, and make the penis pumps a safer device.

Why Is it Important to Have a Pressure Gauge or Vacuum Limiter?

When you’re browsing for the best penis pump, one with a pressure gauge or a vacuum limiter is a must. Of course, those that don’t have these accessories are also quite useful. They will most certainly do their job. However, pressure gauges and vacuum limiters allow you to keep an eye on the pressure and stop before you cause injuries.

Applying too much pressure (in other words, pumping like crazy) can make the blood vessels in the penis pop, make your buddy swollen, cause edema, and a whole different set of issues that you really don’t need in your life.

Some men think that gauges and limiters aren’t necessary because you should instinctively know when to stop pumping. However, watching your penis grow is a satisfaction like no other. And that’s especially true if you haven’t seen it so big in quite a while. So our vanity can make us keep pumping like there’s no tomorrow.

Alternatively, novices may not be able to tell when to stop pumping simply by the feel of it. Thus, pressure gauges and vacuum limiters are crucial. By keeping an eye on the pressure, you can stop yourself in time and get your penis out of the tube in peak condition.

These add-ons are also essential for future reference. When you’ve used them once, you can mark the pressure level that’s needed for an optimal erection, thus making each next pump easier.

Quick-Release Valves

Another safety measure that we don’t recommend skipping is the quick-release valve. Overpumping can make both the head and the shaft of the penis pop blood vessels and swell. That, in turn, can lead to severe injuries and make matters that much worse (you start out with ED and end up with a handful of uselessness). Since the entire point of the penis pump is to extend the length and girth of your penis and not permanently maim yourself, any safety measure is welcome.

A quick-release valve will allow you to swiftly release all the pressure that’s built up inside of the tube. The pump systems that include a valve such as this one are safer and easier to use. Releasing the vacuum quickly via the valve also makes the entire process of pumping before intercourse quicker as you can just release the pressure, take the pump off, and get down to business.

Comfort Pads and Penis Pump Sleeves

Penis pumping is hard work (pun intended). Given that the pump is mostly made from hard materials (yes, another pun, we’re sorry), anything that can increase the comfort levels is appreciated.

Comfort pads are usually neoprene or silicone. They increase the overall comfort by minimizing the chafing between the pelvis and the tube. Even though they are smooth, sometimes the edges of the pump can cause skin irritation and discomfort. But with a comfort pad, you can quickly work around this issue and avoid any injury (however slight it may be).

While on the subject of comfort, we can’t help but mention penis pump sleeves. This accessory increases both comfort and pleasure while using a pump. It is like a mini-masturbator that goes over your penis in the penis pump tube. The appearance varies from regular to realistic-looking ones, and they really do turn the party around when it comes to comfort. The sleeves not only provide some extra padding, but they also increase the tightness of the seal. That’s quite critical because the tighter the seal, the more effective the vacuum penis pump.

Constriction Rings

We’ve mentioned that any penis pump can help you get an erection. However, sometimes, it’s an even bigger problem to maintain it once you have it. You don’t want to get overexcited and then sorely disappointed when your penis starts to lose volume as soon as you pull it out of the penis pump.

With that in mind, consider getting a pump with a constriction ring (or simply buying one as an add-on). This ring goes around the base of your penis, and it prevents the blood from flowing away.

A constriction ring effectively maintains an erection after pumping for an average of 30 minutes. Of course, the erection time depends on the penis size, the initial level of erection, and various other factors.

The tension rings come in different sizes (just like penises) and a selection of materials ranging from rubber and silicone to plastic and metal. Although they are all effective, we recommend getting the rubbery kind to achieve maximum levels of comfort.

When using constriction rings, try to avoid catching any pubic hair in them. It’s not dangerous, but it hurts like a snake bite and will spoil the entire experience. The only snake in the house should be your Anaconda, alert and ready to deliver.

What Are Penis Pumps Made Out Of?

Just like any other sex toy or aid, penis pumps come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and are made out of an array of materials. All those used to make a penis pump (and that includes all parts and add-ons) should be skin-safe. We’re dealing with a gentle and sensitive apparatus here, and even though we’re trying to make it harder and stronger, we still need to pay attention to the sensitivity.

The Tube

Medical-grade materials are a must. The tube is most commonly of a sturdy type of plastic. However, there are penis pump models out there that have metal or glass cylinders. Going for the plastic option seems like your best bet, given that it’s more flexible and safe.

More specifically, most of those cylinders are made from either PVD or ABS plastic (or a mix of the two). These are the best options because they are non-toxic. Furthermore, they are quite sturdy and resistant to abrasion.

Other Parts

Other penis pump parts also vary when it comes to the materials. As mentioned, tension rings can be made out of silicone, rubber, plastic, or even metal. Furthermore, the seal that’s positioned at the base of the pump can also be made out of rubber or silicone. Alternatively, the seal can be a part of the overall plastic cylinder.

The hose that connects the cylinder with the vacuum pump is made out of rubber or flexible plastic, while the vacuum packs themselves are either metal or rubber. The material of the vacuum packs depends on the type of the penis pump. Air-powered penis pumps that allow manual pumping often have rubber or silicone vacuum packs.

On the other hand, battery-powered pumps have either a metal vacuum pack (often with a metal pressure gauge) or one that’s encased in silicone.

Water-Based Penis Pumps

As we’re breaking down the topic of penis pumps, we can’t help but go back to the original question from the beginning of our article — what are the different types of penis pumps.

Penis pumps really only differ in the method of pressure delivery. It can be manual or battery-powered and either achieved by air or water. We recognize several categories:

  • Hydro penis pumps
  • Air penis pumps
  • Electric penis pumps
  • Homemade penis pumps

Out of these, we recommend all except for the last category, but we’ll discuss why a DIY penis pump is a horrible idea a bit later.

A lot of folks consider the water penis pump to be superior to its ancestor — the air penis pump. It uses water to build up the pressure in the cylinder to achieve an erection and enlarge the penis.

Out of all the hydro pumps out there, the Hydromax penis pump, also known as the Bathmate penis pump, is a sure fan favorite. It works based on the water pressure principle, and the recommended use is in the shower or a bath.

How To Use Hydro Pumps

To use the hydro pump, you have to fill the chamber with water (preferably warm). At the upper end of the tube, there’s usually a release valve that you’ll need to seal while filling the cylinder. The more water you manage to get into the cylinder, the greater the pressure.

Hydro penis pumps have a harmonica-like seal at the end that will do its job and create a tight vacuum by sticking to your pelvic area once you insert the penis into the pump. Then, you can pump the harmonica to increase the pressure inside of the chamber and enlarge your pride.

Once the penis is entirely erect, press the valve at the top of the cylinder to release the pressure (and your penis along with it). Voila! You now have an erect penis on your hands! Do with it what you will.

The Benefits of Water-Based Penis Pumps

Because hydro pumps use water, they are slightly more effective when it comes to penis enlargement. Warm water stimulates the skin, blood vessels, and muscles and boosts their growth and stretching abilities. It also makes penis manipulation and stimulation easier. Combined with the pressure, water penis pumps achieve stronger results.

Air-Based Penis Pumps

Air-based penis pumps are the traditional product and often considered the penis pump OTPs. Dry penis pumps are easier to use than their water-based counterparts because you don’t have to be in the shower to use them, and there’s no potential mess (a puddle) to clean up afterward.

Air-based devices use air to create the seal that’s necessary to achieve an erection in the penis pump. The vacuum pack forces the air out of the chamber, thus making a vacuum that increases the blood flow to the penis.

The main advantage of air-based pumps is that they are more affordable and that they can have a pressure gauge added to them. As we’ve already mentioned, having this one is a safety measure we don’t recommend forgoing.

Electric Penis Pumps

Electric penis pumps are a dream-come-true for every man that wants to achieve results without putting in too much effort. Ah, battery-powered assistance is just what a lazy guy needs!

All jokes aside, electric pumps allow for a hands-free pumping experience. With a battery-operated vacuum pack, you hardly have to do anything to get your penis erect. Each electric pump has a simple on/off switch that will allow you to start pumping and finish it once you achieve your desired girth and length.

Electric pumps aren’t just for those of us who’d rather let a device do all their work for them. They are also an ideal solution for men who aren’t able to operate a penis pump manually. Cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s, muscular dystrophy, and many other severe medical conditions can diminish muscle tension or limb dexterity, thus making it really difficult to operate a manual penis pump (or do anything else, really).

Manual Penis Pumps

Manual penis pumps are operated by hand. You have to use both of these while operating the pump, and you have to do everything by hand. Unlike the electric pumps, manual ones are quieter, and they have simple mechanisms.

However, there are several downsides to manual pumps. They don’t provide as much comfort as the electric ones, for starters. Furthermore, they usually don’t have the sophisticated drain valve or quick-release one that allows for a swift retreat. Although more affordable, manual pumps require good muscle strength and coordination and limb dexterity.

Different Colored Pump Tubes

Penis pumps often look like torture chambers because, in their nature, they are. Now, it’s a sweet and delicious type of torture, but torture nonetheless. Because of their appearance, which is honestly not that appealing, various brands have tried time and time again to make them better looking.

To achieve that, they added a colorful dimension to them by making the cylinders in various colors. Nothing brightens up the room like a sexy, steamy red, purple, or blue device, right?

Although having colorful toys is fun, there’s a good reason why an eccentric penis pump is the proverbial double-edged sword.

Why Having a Clear Tube is Important

If the plastic cylinder of the penis pump isn’t see-through, that means that you’re basically in the dark. You can’t see your buddy, and you can’t keep an eye out for potential complications. It also means that you’re missing out on the satisfaction of watching your member grow, but that’s beside the point.

Although mostly safe, penis pumps can still cause complications and injury. If you aren’t that much in tune with your body and can’t rely on your feeling on when to stop pumping, having the ability to see what’s happening inside of the cylinder is crucial.

So opaque ones are not an ideal choice. However, we also wouldn’t recommend a cylinder that’s colored while still maintaining transparency. Sure, a see-through red cylinder looks impressive, but you won’t be able to tell if your penis starts getting unnaturally red, will you? Given that a strange change in color is an alarming sign, you can see why a non-transparent tube isn’t such a good idea.

Can You Make Your Own Penis Pump?

Most men are proud of their “I can do it on my own” approach to life. The fridge is making a weird noise? I’ll check it out. The hair dryer smells funny? No need for a repairman, I’ll fix it.

However, there are some things in life that we should simply leave to the professionals — making penis pumps is undoubtedly one of them. Just consider the fact that you’re going to use it on one of the most vital body parts you (as a man) have. Sure, you can live without a functional penis. But do you really want to?

Most DIY penis pumps are made with the help of plastic water bottles, some adhesives, and a vacuum cleaner that can suck the air out of the bottle. Since the mechanism behind the pump is fairly simple, fashioning a homemade one actually isn’t that hard.

However, before you jump and ask, “How to make a homemade penis pump and save a ton of money?” think back to all those repairs you’ve done around your home and consider how long those lasted before you had to cry for professional help. It will work, but will it be safe? Will it be comfortable, non-toxic, non-maiming? The answer to these questions is — probably. But why risk it?

So we strongly advise against making your own homemade penis pump. But if you really want to know, we won’t stand in your way.

How To Actually Make a Penis Pump

Because a typical penis pump has three main parts, you’ll have to find a household equivalent for all three. We already mentioned that a vacuum cleaner that has the option of reversing the airflow can be the vacuum pack stand-in. Next, you’ll need a plastic chamber. You can use water bottles or a sturdier cylindrical chamber. Just make sure that your penis can fit into it when it’s erect.

Next, you’ll need something to form a seal. Use tape and cotton to make a barrier between the harsh plastic and your pelvic area. If you have a rubbery material that will stick to your skin, that will help to create a seal. Then, place the vacuum hose on top of the water bottle and turn it on. This should suck the air out and make a vacuum inside of the bottle and achieve similar results that a real penis pump does.

Should You Do It?

Again, absolutely not. There’s so much that can go wrong with that scenario and leave you temporarily or permanently injured. Protect the family jewels and just buy a professionally made penis pump.

A Few Parting Words

Penis pumps are ideal solutions for men who suffer from mild to moderate erectile dysfunction or who are looking to enlarge their penises. This device is effective when it comes to temporary length and girth extension. Although not as efficient as some other forms of treatment such as penile implants, it’s a non-drug and non-invasive option for everyone looking to get a little pep in their step and a bit of much-needed energy in your lap rocket.

Now that you know everything there is to know about types of penis pumps, as well as how they work and which options are the best and safest for you, you can make an educated decision on which model and brand deserve your attention (and money). No matter what you decide, the more you know, the better you’ll fare. The competition is stiff out there, and we wish you the best of luck participating!

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