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Sex dolls aren’t just masturbation aids. Many people purchase and enjoy them even if they don’t actually have sex with them. They take part in all kinds of different activities like dinner parties, movie nights, or even discos. Engaging in all of these activities mean a variety of different outfits are going to be needed. Even if you aren’t doing too much with your sex doll, some people just like to dress them up!

Sex Doll Fashion 101

As part of dressing and customising your sex doll, you have many options. It really depends how invested you are in the process. If you simply just want a different outfit but have no real preference on what it is, then you won’t spend as much time shopping as a fashion fanatic wanting to make their doll look as good as possible. Some people might like experimenting with different piercings or tattoos, or even choosing the sexiest lingerie they can find.

Once you’ve decided how far you want to go, it’s time to start shopping! You can let your imagination run wild and create your perfect combinations.

Choosing the Right Size

One of the largest problems when buying clothes for a sex doll is finding something in the right size. Unlike real humans, it’s not very practical to take your doll to the store and try things on. This means it’s important to know which sizes you need before you begin.

With full sized and realistic dolls, it’s a much simpler process. These are very similar in their measurements to us, so you can simply find the appropriate sizes. Most dolls will be around 5ft in height and depending on the weight preferences you chose when you ordered your doll their sizes should be quite simple to work out.

The largest problem will come from the breasts on female dolls. A lot of men like to get dolls with very large breasts, and they often aren’t in proportion with the rest of the body. This disproportion means that tops and dresses might be difficult to find that fit your doll. You might need to shop at specialist stores for bustier women if you have a particularly busty doll.

Sometimes you’ll want to purchase smaller sex dolls. With these, clothing can be a little more difficult to find. If you’ve got a mini sex doll, then children’s clothing will probably work out great (although it might be best not to mention what the clothes are for). Similarly, to full sized dolls any breasts might be an issue, and it probably won’t be easy to find sexy lingerie in smaller sizes for obvious reasons.

The most problematic type of sex dolls to clothe will be the ones in the middle. If you can find a store that sells the right king of clothes the you’re one of the lucky ones! A lot of people will need to make adjustments to clothes like bringing up the legs or tightening the waist. If you’re serious about your sex dolls fashion it might even be worth investing in a sewing machine and learning how to use it.

Can Clothes Stain Your Sex Doll?

An important consideration when dressing your sex doll is that both silicone and TPE dolls can be very easily stained, as the surface of the material can absorb the colour right into the pores and be nearly impossible to get out. Luckily, this isn’t a foregone conclusion though, and there are both types of clothing you can buy, as well as ways to get other materials not to pass colour.

In general, the actual material isn’t the real problem, but what the material is dyed with. You should usually treat your sex dolls wardrobe in much the same way you would your own. The cheaper the clothes are the more likely the colours are to run. Similarly, darker colours stain much more than lighter colours. For most clothes you can wash them a few times to check if the colours are going to run. If they don’t run in your washing machine, then you’ll probably be fine to dress your doll in them.

If there are particularly vibrant colours that you want to use, but you’re scared of ruining your dolls, then you can purchase a set of underclothes for your doll to wear. Using slightly tighter materials are useful here, and once you’ve got them on you can usually get the outer clothes on much easier too.

As a last resort, if there’s an outfit you absolutely can’t live without, then try tying a bit of the fabric around one of your dolls fingers and leaving it a while. If it stains the finger, it’ll stain the rest of the doll.

Getting a bit of discolouration on your doll might seem like a huge deal, but if it happens, try not to panic. Cleaning should get the bulk of the colour off, so rather than a giant lime green splodge you’ll have a much duller, faded colour. It might take a little while, but the stain will come off eventually.

Can Clothing Damage My Sex Doll?

Colours aren’t the only thing to watch out for when clothing a sex doll. You should also take care to consider the weight and how tight the clothing is. Unlike human skin, which retains its memory forever and will eventually go back to normal, sex doll skin can be permanently altered.

This means that tight clothing such as bras, corsets, and stockings should be used sparingly. It’s fine to dress them up in it just before you take them to bed, but you shouldn’t leave these kinds of outfits on for long periods of time or they might make permanent dents in your dolls skin. The best thing you can do is to have a looser, free fitting outfit that you put your doll in for storage or day to day use.

Weight can be important too. Larger items of clothing like jeans or coats can cause issues depending on how you store your doll. If you keep it laying down, on your bed or in a box, then the extra weight from the clothing will press down on the dolls skin. Over time this can warp the skin a little. It won’t necessarily be hugely obvious on some parts of the body, but on areas like breasts and butt cheeks it might leave things looking a little flat.

Other Ways to Customise Your Sex Dolls Appearance

Clothes aren’t the only thing you can do to change up the look of your favourite sex doll. Hair, make-up, piercings, and even tattoos can all be interchanged if you get the right kinds. You should consider things carefully though, as some changes may be more permanent than others.

Hair is usually the easiest part to change. Most sex dolls will be fitted with a wig rather than having hair completely attached to the head. In this case it’s simply a matter of switching from one wig to another!

Make-up is another relatively easy one to deal with. Some sex dolls have make up painted on by the manufacturer though, which you won’t be able to remove. If you’re likely to want to give you doll different looks on a regular basis then you’ll probably want to find a doll with a plain face. You should also take care in which make-ups you actually use on your doll.

Some ingredients may react negatively with the skin of your doll and cause damage, and some may be difficult to remove once you’ve put it on. The best thing to do is test any make-up you want to use on your doll on a small hidden part of the doll, or a spare piece made of the same material to check for any adverse effects.

Piercings and tattoos are more permanent modifications. Once you’ve done it you’re unlikely to be able to undo it so think carefully if this is something you want to do. Both can be done at home, although tattoos will take a little more artistic skill.

Changing your sex dolls outfit can be a great way to spice things up with your sex doll. It can be a great refreshment to an existing doll which is almost as good as buying a new one! So if you’re a little bored of you sex doll, think about ways to change its appearance which probably won’t take too much effort.

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