Are Sex Dolls Worth the Money?

A potential sticking point for anyone considering buying their first sex doll will often be the price. When you start to add features to your perfect doll such as the perfect feeling realistic skin texture, custom faces and hair choices, make-up or tattoos, or even any vibrating parts, you’ll quickly find the cost rising not only into the hundreds, but thousands of dollars. For someone who’s never tried a sex doll, and doesn’t even know if they will like it, it’s a huge investment.

Luckily though, you don’t have to dive straight in at the deep end. There are sex dolls priced at many different points, so you should always be able to find something that you feel is worth the money. It’s just a matter of deciding exactly what is important to you.

Which Factors Affect a Sex Doll’s Price?

When you first load up a store which lets you build your own custom sex doll, you’ll probably be overwhelmed with options all available for you to change. As you start to build the dolls, you’ll quickly notice the price racking up. What actually contributes to this though? The most common things that change the price of dolls tend to be:

  • Custom Body Parts: Some dolls come moulded as one single piece. Others, mould the main part of the body first, then attach body parts that are created separately. This often includes the head, hands, feet, breasts, and genitals.
  • Colourations: If your doll offers a choice in a variety of skin colours, this will likely be a little more expensive than taking a tone chosen by the manufacturer as default.
  • Hair and Make-up: Some dolls will come with a premade head that is simply attached to the body. Other’s will let you completely customise any part of the head you choose. You can decide on your dolls make-up, hair colour, nose size, piercings, basically any facial feature you can think of. The more work the manufacturer puts in to creating your ideal head will play a part in how much they charge you.
  • Extra Features: The sky is really the limit with your sex dolls. If you can find the right manufacturer they can create almost anything you’d want. Be it completely different shapes styled after favourite characters. Different skin tones complete with freckles, blemishes and scars. Or even adding vibrating parts or artificial intelligence so your doll can stimulate you that bit more. Each additional thing you pile on is likely to raise the cost.

Getting Your Money’s Worth

Depending on your personal situation, you might be perfectly happy to shell out several thousand dollars for the perfect sex dolls. A lot of people won’t be so lucky, and compromises will need to be made in order to get the doll to an affordable level. There are a few ways to go about this though, and with some research and planning you might still be able to have an almost perfect experience.

Out of all of the different options available to you, the only part you probably shouldn’t compromise on is the skin. This is the part of the doll you’ll be interacting with the most and having a poor-quality skin material will rapidly lower your enjoyment of the doll.

Silicone and TPE are generally the most used materials in high-end sex dolls, with silicone being much more expensive. Some people prefer one more than the other, but in general they are both very realistic materials for sex dolls. If you want to save money on your doll, then you should usually go for TPE but going cheaper will probably lower your enjoyment of the doll.

Everything else that you might want to do to make your doll special can be compromised on in some way or another. For example, if you’d like a specific hair colour for your doll, it may be cheaper to buy a bald one and a separate wig that you like to put on it. With make-up or skin imperfections, you can use your artistic skills to change details on your own. Similarly, piercings can be done at home, letting you purchase a more standard doll.

In most cases, making these adjustments yourself won’t look quite as good as having them done by the manufacturer. This is where you need to make your own personal distinction. Which things are worth the money and which aren’t?

You can still get a perfectly functional and good looking sex doll without dropping thousands and thousands of dollars, but only you can truly answer the question: Are sex dolls worth the money?

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