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We often recommend that novice dildo-buyers start with something a little on the smaller side - as close as possible to the average length of a real-life penis. However, for some people, that just isn't enough.

Maybe you've been experimenting with smaller dildos and just aren't getting that pleasurable stretch that you've been hoping for. Or maybe you're a proud veteran "size queen" who has known for years that a 6-inch dildo with a 1-inch girth just isn't going to do it for your vagina or asshole.

We get it. Realism can be safe and practical - but fantasy can be fun. Sometimes, we just want to try to stretch ourselves as far as we can, thrust as deeply into ourselves as we can - just generally test the limit of exactly what our genitals can take before crossing that line from pleasure into pain.

And as the number, size and type of dildos for sale around the world increases every day, achieving these fantasies becomes constantly more and more possible!

Regardless of who you are or what your reason might be for wanting something a little bit bigger than the norm, we're here to help you!

This article will focus solely on the larger models out there, providing advice on how to prepare for something a bit bigger, suggesting sizes to choose to gradually increase the stretch, and, of course, introducing you to the mammoth cocks currently competing for the official title of "world's largest dildo".

So if you're ready to take a walk on the larger side of things, read on!

Just What is Considered a "Large Dildo" Exactly?

The exact definition of "large dildo" is something which has been argued about by sex experts and sex toy manufacturers for years. Even today, no one single, consistent numerical designation exists which separates "small" or "realistic" from "large" or "fantasy".

The reason for this is, of course, because the object which inspires the design of the dildo - that is to say, the human penis - experiences an enormous natural variation in size and shape, so what is "longer and thicker than a real-life penis" is incredibly difficult to define.

For example, the current average penis length worldwide is approximately 5 inches flaccid and 5 1/2 inches erect. So, we could call any dildo with an insertable length of longer than 5 1/2 inches "large" - but, of course, there are people all around the world sporting six, eight and possibly even ten inch erect cocks. Girth encounters a similar problem, with 1" being generally considered the average but much larger girths being reported in various countries.

Therefore, it falls to the retailers of sexual toys and bedroom aids to establish their own standards for what exactly counts as "large" "long" or "thick". Here at Lovegasm, we generally classify any dildos with an insertable length of over 8.5 inches to be "long," while "thick" will primarily refer to girths equal or greater to 1.5 inches.

However, we know that some size queens (or size kings!) consider these measurements to be average or even small, so we have made sure to also discuss even larger sizes in this article so there will truly be something for everyone.

You may have noticed that we used the phrase "insertable length" a few times in the preceding paragraphs. You may be wondering, what exactly does this mean, and how does it differ from plain old "length"?

Well, simply put, "insertable length" refers to the part of the dildo which you are actually able to put inside yourself. For example, some dildos may advertise themselves as being "9 inches long" but only have an actual insertable length of around 7 inches due to the presence of a thick, flared base of a pair of testicles.

Another example is that anal dildos, even those which feature a uniformly narrow design and do not grow larger at the base, are usually considered to have an insertable length of 1 to 2 inches shorter than their actual length due to the presence of the ass cheeks, which must be passed before penetration can occur.

So, when you are purchasing a dildo, always make sure to confirm which measurement is the "actual length" and which is the "insertable length" before making your final decision!

Figure Out What You Want First

Remember, all dildos have two important measurements - length and girth (also referred to as "thickness" or "width," and generally discussed using either the circumference or the diameter of the toy).

Some dildos are "large" in only one of the two ways, being either long and thin or short and girthy, while others focus on both length and width and generally end up looking more like the average human forearm than the average human penis.

Before purchasing a sizable dildo, it is important to decide which kind of "big" is important to you.

Some people prefer to focus on length, needing something which can ram against their cervix (for women) or consistently hit their prostate square-on with each thrust (for men). Others find that their most explosive orgasms come when their vagina or asshole is being stretched to its absolute maximum by a huge, thick dildo as big around as a fist.

And still others can't quite finish the race unless both dimensions are present in exaggerated amounts, needing that perfect combination of length and thickness to experience a leg-shaking, toe-curling, mind-bending orgasm.

If you want to figure out what exactly you need or want, our recommendations are as follows: firstly, know your body, and secondly, experiment and practice. Getting to know your body is the number one most helpful thing you can do if you are interested in purchasing and using sex toys.

Knowing things such as the location of your G-spot or prostate, how much stretch is comfortable versus when it becomes painful, how sensitive your clitoris or penis head is, and more can serve as a helpful guide when you are making your purchase.

After all, dildos and other toys, although extremely effective, don't have minds of their own and still need to be controlled by you or your partner. If you don't know what makes you orgasm, there's no way for the toy to know either!

Practicing and experimenting is another great strategy for becoming more familiar with your body's hot spots and how to bring it to the most spine-tingling of climaxes.

You can actually get a pretty solid stretch in your vagina or anus using only your fingers, which can serve as a guide for what sort of dildo girth you might need. Length is a bit harder to test for using your own fingers, but you can try starting out with shorter toys and gradually working your way up.

Alternately, if you've experienced penis in vagina sex, you might have a data set which you can use as a point of reference to determine exactly what length you need to hit all your sweet spots.

One extra important piece of advice from us folks here at Lovegasm - remember that length is adjustable, while girth is significantly less so.

What do we mean by this, exactly? Well, for example, if a dildo has 10 inches of insertable length, and you find it a little overwhelming the first few times, you have options. You can slowly work up to the full length by gradually penetrating yourself with three inches, then five, then seven, then finally the full ten.

Even if you decide that ten inches is entirely too long for you, you can still get a lot of use out of the dildo without having to use the full length. Sure, positioning and the angle of penetration might be a little awkward, but you can still have plenty of utterly orgasmic pleasure experiences even without ever once taking the entire ten inches.

With girth, that's not always the case. Many dildos have a fairly consistent girth throughout, or, at the very most, a slightly wider or narrower head with the rest of the shaft (insertable length) being a single uniform thickness. This means that, if you wind up purchasing a dildo which is too thick for you, you might find yourself not being quite sure how to work up to it or even how to incorporate it into your bedroom at all.

Sure, you can use the friction created by the tip to tickle your clit or the head of your cock, or you could use the dildo as a sort of "practice dummy" to improve your blow job game, but it might wind up totally useless when it comes to penetrative fun.

How do you avoid running into this problem? Luckily, there are plenty of ways! One solution is to buy several thinner dildos and gradually work up to the thickness you hope to eventually be able to take.

Even once you've "outgrown" them, you can still get use out of the thinner dildos when you're not quite in the mood to be stretched to your body's full capacity, or you can transition them from vaginal to anal use exclusively, or pair them with a clitoral / cockhead vibrator if you're missing that extra spark of pleasure.

Vaginal or anal plugs, which in general tend to be a little thicker and shorter than dildos and are designed to be able to keep inside you over a long period of time, are another great option to help yourself gradually get used to stretching out your holes.

The second popular option is to buy a dildo which incorporates various thicknesses throughout its length (such as one with a "knot" on the end or a tapering or cone-shaped model) or something like a set of anal beads which is made up a string of small orbs of gradually increasing thickness.

This will allow you to undergo a "training regimen" with a single toy for width just as you can for length, gradually working yourself up to take thicker dildos - or even stopping part way through once you've reached the thickness that you feel works best for you.

Be Prepared - Yes, Always!

Even if you've been stretching and training yourself regularly, you should ALWAYS engage in plenty of foreplay before penetrating yourself with a large dildo.

The vagina and especially the anus are extremely elastic, capable of "snapping back" to their original shape and size even after they've had something the size of an entire fist regularly thrust in and out of their tight holes.

The anal sphincter is especially strong, as it is the muscle designed to keep feces within the human body and prevent it from leaking out, and its natural tendency if not properly relaxed can be to grip and tug on toys or even force them out all together.

So, for the most comfortable and pleasurable experience, stretch yourself regularly EACH AND EVERY TIME you plan to penetrate yourself with your large dildo.

To mix things up, have your partner get their fingers (or even their tongue!) into the mix, or warm yourself up with smaller toys - such as thinner dildos, strings of vaginal or anal beads, bullets or egg vibrators - before bringing the "big guns" out to play.

If you feel ANY pain or ANY discomfort at all during penetration, stop immediately, withdraw the dildo, and take a break to take stock of the situation before continuing play. This includes feelings that would be described as "stinging" "itching" "prickling" or "tearing".

Even if you regularly stretch yourself or have taken huge dildos several times in your life, you still need to be careful, be safe, and take appropriate precautions. The health and safety of your body should always be your number one concern!

Large dildos should NEVER be used for penetration without the appropriate lubricant. Yes, even if you are only using them vaginally - no matter how "wet" these toys make you, natural vaginal lubricant is often not sufficient when using a toy of such an extraordinary size.

Use more lubricant than you think you need - if you use too much, the only negative side effects are that you might get a little wet or sticky or need a little extra clean-up after sex, while using too little can cause pain and even permanent damage to the extremely sensitive areas of your body.

Always use an officially licensed sexual lubricant for any penetrative activities. Never try to substitute inferior alternatives such as saliva, lotion, shampoo, cooking oils or anything else you might have read about in your favorite erotic novel or seen in a porn video.

These will not be nearly thick enough to keep you safe and allow the toy to gently glide in and out of you during each thrust. Taking risks when it comes to large toys is never a good idea!

For the most part, which lube you choose to use with your extra large dildo is a matter of personal preference. Water-, oil- and silicone-based lubricants are all extremely popular and effective for all types of penetration, although thicker lubes are generally recommended for anal activity due to the total absence of any kind of natural lubrication in that area of the body.

However, there is one important factor which you must keep in mind - silicone-based lubricants are completely incompatible with dildos and other toys made from silicone, as the material reacts negatively with it and can even cause the toy to begin to lose its shape, rot or decay. If your dildo of choice is made from or contains silicone, stick to water-based and oil-based lubricants exclusively for all penetrative activities.

You've Got Options!

Of course, there are plenty of "standard" larger dildos out there that look and feel pretty much exactly as you would expect them to - a long, thick shaft, possibly enhanced with veins or ridges, with either a flared base, a suction cup which can be attached to walls and floors, or a pair of molded balls. However, there are also several unique options out there which are capable of providing you the length and girth you desire - some of which you might not even be aware of!

One great choice, especially when it comes to length, is the double-headed dildo. As the name suggests, these dildos feature one head on each end of their usually quite impressive length, rather than a head on one end and a base on the other. This means that both ends of the dildo can be successfully used for penetration.

Most double-headed dildos are able to be used by two people at once, each penetrating themselves with one head at the same time.

Other models are made from flexible, elastic materials - such as rubber or elastomer "jelly" - and can be bent or curved in the middle so that a single person can experience "double penetration" - having both their vagina and anus penetrated at once, or even possibly two heads in one hole.

Double-headed dildos are great for size monarchs because, by their very nature, they tend to be longer than the average one-headed toy. Most double dildos are well over a foot in length, with eighteen inches and even two feet not being uncommon.

Purchasing a double dildo will allow you to penetrate yourself with the amount of length you choose; they're also a perfect option for gradually working your way up to greater and greater lengths as you become more comfortable. In terms of girth, double-headed dildos are available in just as large a variety of sizes as standard dildos.

Some even provide a little bit of variety by having one head be significantly thicker or "girthier" than the other, especially in models which can penetrate the same person vaginally and anally at the same time. If you want to work up to taking something huge deep inside you, but don't want to have to purchase multiple toys to train yourself with, a double-headed dildo just might be the right answer for you.

Another fun alternative which allows for gradual size progression is purchasing an inflatable dildo - a dildo which allows for its size to be changed by the addition or removal or air. While inflation is a trait which is still encountered more frequently in butt plugs, inflatable dildos have been gradually increasing in popularity over the past several years.

Typically, an inflatable dildo will come in one of two forms. One option allows the dildo to be inflated prior to insertion, allowing you to choose the amount of air prior to penetration but not during. For training sessions, inflate the dildo only partially the first few times you use it before eventually working your way up to full inflation.

The other type of inflatable dildo comes with a small squeezable or hand-operated pump, usually attached to the base of the dildo by a thread or cord, which can be used to add air to the dildo even while it is buried deep inside of you. This allows for a unique style of play in which you start out with the equivalent of a very narrow dildo inside you, but gradually increase its size until it is stretching your vagina or asshole to its very limits - or even beyond.

Keep in mind, however, that inflatable dildos should primarily be used for girth training or by those who want to experience a delicious stretching feeling - but they may not be either quite as flexible or quite as extreme when it comes to length.

Adding air to an inflatable dildo can increase its girth significantly, but usually cannot add more than a small amount - often not even a full inch - to the toy's insertable length.

When you are purchasing an inflatable dildo, you should take careful note of its length measurements, both partially and fully inflated, to avoid ending up dissatisfied with your G-spot or prostate simply aching for more.

Lastly, if you are looking for something large that your partner can use to thrust deep within you in the most intimate of fashions, why not give a hollow dildo or penis extender a try? (Keep in mind that some of these toys will require your partner to possess a penis to insert into the toy, while others can be used both with a penis and on their own - make sure to check carefully which type you are buying before making a final purchase)

If you want your partner's flesh and blood penis to get thicker, why not give a cock ring a try?

Hollow dildos and especially penis extenders (often also referred to as "cock sleeves") come in a wide variety of lengths, so you can even purchase several sizes so that you and your partner can gradually work up to bigger things and slowly increase the intensity with each penetration session.

Just Which One Is The Biggest?

Now, we come at last to a topic which has, surprisingly, been quite controversial and is still widely debated in various corners of the Internet kink community - which bedroom aid truly holds the title of "number one biggest dildo in the world".

Unlike the question of most expensive dildo, in which the clear front-runner costs hundreds of thousands of US dollars more than the second place finisher, this is a much more contested race - not because the options are similar in size to one another, but because of ongoing arguments about whether each of the entrants truly qualifies as a "dildo".

Wait, what? You're probably extremely confused by now. Haven't you guys repeatedly said that the definition of "dildo" is an extremely simple one?

Well, yes, that's true. In our Introduction to Dildos, we established the definition of a dildo as "a toy modeled after or at the very least inspired by the shape of the penis, which is primarily used for penetration, and usually does not vibrate, throb or rotate".

However, when it comes to the two current contenders for the title of "world's largest dildo," it has been called into question over and over whether or not they are capable of fitting that definition - specifically because, while both are clearly penis-shaped, one or both may quite possibly be too large to ever successfully be used for penetrative sexual activities.

First off, let's meet our two entrants.

Our defending champion, the first sex toy ever to publicly declare itself to be "the world's largest dildo," goes by the name Moby, almost certainly in honor of Moby Dick, Herman Melville's classic novel about one man's relentless pursuit of the titular giant white sperm whale.

Standing at 35 inches tall - just under 3 feet - Moby boasts a girthy circumference of 25 inches - slightly over 2 feet - and weighs approximately 50 pounds, making even picking it up just as much of a workout as introducing it into your bedroom.

The Moby comes in a single color, advertised as "beige," and features a number of elegantly crafted add-ons designed to increase realism. These include a distinct (and uncircumcised) cockhead, a pleasurable pattern of veins running up its shaft, and a lovingly molded pair of round, hefty balls.

The Moby Dildo can be purchased via a number of online retail sites, most prominently international giant It currently holds a rating of just under 4 stars and close to 400 reviews.

While some of these reviews indicate that the titanic toy was purchased as a gag gift, a centerpiece for a cock-themed bachelorette party, or other purposes not directly relating to intercourse, several intrepid reviewers do claim to have successfully brought themselves to orgasm with the assistance of the Moby.

Of course, there is no way to verify these claims, and a quite thorough search of various online resources by our Lovegasm staffers did not yield any pornographic videos or images of individuals using the Moby on themselves or others, its staggering size is at least still within the realm of possibility for sexual use - albeit only slightly.

While the Moby could theoretically be used for penetration by the rare brave individual, the same definitely cannot be said of the second piece of simulated equipment to lay claim to the title.

Inspired by sex toy manufacturer Pipedream Products' extremely popular - and far less dramatically sized - King Cock model, this massive member stands at twelve feet, four inches tall, just over four times as large as the Moby.

Though none of us Lovegasm staffers have been fortunate enough to encounter the colossal cock in person, we can say with a fair amount of confidence that there isn't a single person alive who would be capable of penetrating themself with even the tip of this truly king-sized cock.

Like the Moby, the twelve-foot tall King Cock features a realistic design, with a light beige flesh tone, a defined head, a pattern of ridged veins, and a set of synthetic balls - each approximately the size of the average human head - at the base.

It is primarily used as a promotional tool, allowing potential customers to examine every facet of the King Cock model in great detail before deciding to purchase one of the smaller versions for themselves.

Although the model is usually located in or around Pipedream Products' headquarters in California, they have also brought it with them to various trade shows and sex toy exhibitions all around the world, where it has successfully won Pipedream many new - and quite enthusiastic - customers.

The company's CEO and original designer of the King Cock, Nick Orlandino, has mentioned in several interviews that he has attempted to contact Guiness World Records in order to have an official examine the model and officially award it the title of "World's Largest Dildo" or possibly even "World's Largest Cock". However, as of 2018, Guiness World Records continues to refuse Orlandino's requests.

So what do you think? Which dildo should be awarded the coveted title of World's Largest - the daunting but still technically functional 3-foot Moby, or the solely promotional 12-foot King Cock?

Here at Lovegasm, we're still undecided - so why not drop us a line and let us know what you think! We're always eager to hear our customers' dildo-related thoughts!

Our Lovegasm catalog doesn't have any three-foot monstrosities on offer, but we've still got plenty of options to satisfy the size kings and queens among us. Browse our Large and Extra-Large dildo collections to find long, girthy models which will leave you feeling stretched and satisfied after every single section.

Of course, don't forget to take a look at some of our more unique options, such as double headed dildos, inflatable dildos and hollow dildos as well. And if you're looking for additional reading material on the wild, wonderful world of extreme sex toys, why not check out our fascinating article on the World's Most Expensive Dildos found right over here!

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