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While making sex toys is often discouraged, with tail plugs you can actually show off some of your creativity relatively easily!

If you want to do the entire process yourself, you’re going to have a bit more of a difficult time. Making something that will last and be safe to put in your body is no small task, and we have much more information on why we’d always recommend buying a sex toy rather than making one here.

With tail plugs however, you don’t need to worry about it being body safe, as the tail itself doesn’t go into your body.

So what’s the best way to go about making your own tail butt plug? Let’s find out!

Should I Make The Butt Plug?

As briefly mentioned above, making your own butt plug isn’t an ideal scenario. It’s unlikely to be safe to use inside your body, and you quite simply don’t have the same experience as professional manufacturers. They’ve designed hundreds of toys and know exactly how to shape them to give you the most pleasurable experience.

Something homemade on the other hand will very often be a little wonky, might not hit all the right spots, and generally not be too enjoyable.

Instead a much better option when you want to make a tail plug is to just buy the butt plug.

While you can use any butt plug you like when making your own tail, it’s often a lot easier if you use one with a pull ring style base. Using this kind of plug means you can attach your tail to the plug with a clip, and can easily remove it to swap looks whenever you feel like it.

Making A Butt Plug

If you’re determined to go through the entire process yourself, then it’s probably going to take a lot longer. There are still a few options though:

  • Glass tails can be made by those experienced with glass blowing.
  • If you have access to pottery equipment you could make a plug out of clay.
  • People who know how to weld and craft metal can make steel butt plugs.
  • If you have a particularly delicate hand, you can carve a plug out of wood.

We cover the process of making a butt plug in much more detail in our article on homemade butt plugs. If you’d like more info on this, check out the article here.

Making the Tail

Now for the fun part. The tail itself can be entirely homemade. This means you can design it to look exactly the way you want it to, with whichever colours and shapes you like!

First you’ll need to find the fabric you want to use. Head to your local fabric store and spend some time looking at the options. The main considerations you’ll need to make are the color, and length of the fur.

If you can’t find the exact fabric you had in mind, then don’t despair. Get the closest thing you can, and pick up some fabric dyes. It’s always a good idea to buy more fabric than you think you’ll need and this is especially true if you want to change the color of it. You might make mistakes along the way and need several attempts to get the look you really want.

With your fabric ready, you’ll need to decide what kind of tail you want to make. You can either go for the floppy look, where the tail will just dangle between your legs, or make a tail which can be shaped and stand up in whichever direction you like.

Tails that can stand up are much easier to make. You’ll need some wire, some foam rubber, and your chosen material.

Start by cutting your wire to the desired shape. If you want the tail to be firmer, you can double up on the wire by making it twice as long as you want the tail to be and folding it over at the end. Once you have the frame, you need to stick your foam rubber along the entire length. Make sure to cover every part of the wire and bulk out the tail to whatever size you like.

After this, all you’ll need to do is glue on the fabric! It’s usually a good idea to lay it out before you start attaching it, so you can make sure the tail looks exactly the way you want it to.

Making a floppy tail takes a little more work, but it’s still not a hugely difficult task. Start by cutting your fabric to the right length and width. You’re going to be stitching this together to create a cylinder shape, so make sure it’s wide enough that your tail doesn’t look super thin and sickly.

Cut a curve in one end of the fabric (this will be the end of the tail). Then fold it in half so the furry part is on the inside. You need to stitch the entire length of the tail, leaving only the non-curved end open. At this point you’ll have a long, hollow sock.

Turn it inside out, so the furry part is now on the outside of the sock. Next, you need to bulk up the tail by filling it with other fabric. Choose something that gives the tail the feel you want. It’s usually best to avoid feathers as these can poke out and make the tail feel spiky when you touch it.

Once your tail is as bulky as you want it to be, seal is shut by stitching the end closed.

Attaching Your Tail

After you’ve prepared the tail, the last stage is to attach it to your butt plug. If you’ve chosen (or made) a plug with a round or t-bar shaped base, then you’ll usually need to glue the tail on. You’ll need to use some strong glue, as the tail can be quite heavy, especially if it gets wet.

Another option if you’ve used wire inside your tail, is to leave some of the wire exposed. Drill a tiny hole into the base of the plug, and glue the wire into this hole.

The easiest option though, is if you’ve chosen a plug with a pull ring base. In this case, you can stitch a clasp onto the bottom of the tail, then simply clip it onto the base! This also has the added bonus that you can swap tails while keeping the same butt plug.


  • Pay careful attention to the weight of your tail material. If you put too much weight on the tail, it can be difficult to keep the plug in while you wear it.
  • Check all the chosen materials to make sure they will work together. Some types of glue will melt or damage some materials, which can lead to a deformed looking tail.

Tail Butt Plugs: A Great DIY Project

Like almost anything you make yourself, the process of making a tail butt plug can be incredibly rewarding. Wearing something that you put time and effort into can make it feel that much better, which is great when it comes to sex!

If you find yourself struggling though, there’s plenty of tail butt plugs available to buy. With so much choice, you’re bound to find something that is exactly what you’re looking for!

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