Choosing Your Perfect Anal Beads

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Anal beads can be a great way to explore anal pleasure and picking up a set of your own can be a fun way to explore your own body. When it comes to actually deciding which set you want to buy though, it can be a tough decision. There are so many different kinds of anal beads available, so which should you buy?

Key Considerations When Choosing Anal Beads

Although it may seem like a tough decision to make, there are only a few things you need to consider when deciding on your perfect anal beads:

  • Size of the beads
  • Materials
  • Designs of the beads
  • How the beads are connected
  • Vibrations

We’ll cover each of these choices in more depth throughout this guide.

How Big Are Your Anal Beads?

This will probably be the first thing you want to consider when choosing anal beads. You don’t just need to consider the size of the individual beads, but also the overall size of the set. Some are much longer than others, letting them reach much further into your body. The larger the beads are on your set, the more it’s going to stretch your sphincter.

You’ll need to think about exactly what you’re looking for from your anal beads and choose something that suits you. Beginners will generally want something shorter which has smaller beads, whereas more advanced users might want something a little longer and larger.

Anal Bead Materials

What your anal beads are made of is an important consideration, as it will affect what the beads might feel like when you use them, which lubricant you need to use, or how easy they are to clean. You can choose from many different materials, such as silicone, glass, steel, rubber, jelly, cyberskin, and several others.

Aside from personal preferences, you should generally be aiming for a non-porous set of anal beads. These are the easiest to keep clean and aren’t able to harbour any bacteria within their surface. Non-porous materials include silicone, glass, and stainless steel.

Design of the Beads

Most of the time you’ll expect anal beads to be round, smooth spheres. While these are the most basic kind of beads you can get, once you become more experienced you might want to try something a little different.

There are many other kinds of beads available, taking different sizes or even shapes. You might also want to try anal beads with different textures on the surface, providing completely new sensations as you insert them into your body.

How Are Your Anal Beads Connected?

At its simplest form, this will mostly be a question of whether or not your anal beads are connected by string or moulded together into one larger piece. It’s not always so simple though.

The way your beads are connected can impact how flexible the toy is, which can make a big difference in how easy it is to use. Anyone who’s experimented with anal play will know sometimes it’s a little difficult to reach this part of the body.

The way your beads are connected might vary from the traditional small to large design too, having a variety of sizes along the length of the beads for a completely different experience.

Vibrating Anal Beads

One very specific decision you’ll need to make is whether or not you’ll want to buy vibrating beads.

There’s not a huge amount to say on this, except that it’s largely down to your own discretion. If you do decide to go for vibrating beads though, you should make completely sure that the vibrators are totally sealed within the balls so that none of your bodily fluids can get into the electrical parts and cause you problems.

A lot of people who enjoy vibrating anal beads like to get sets with adjustable speeds, so they can work their way up from a lower setting to a faster one.

It can be a tough decision to make when you first start browsing a store filled with anal beads. Hopefully, with our information though, you’ll be well armed to make a good decision and pick up some anal beads that will satisfy you in every way!

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