Wooden Wrist Lock Humbler Sex Toy
Wooden Wrist Lock Humbler Sex Toy
Wooden Wrist Lock Humbler Sex Toy
Wooden Wrist Lock Humbler Sex Toy

You're this extreme dominatrix who can't find pleasure in just cuffing your man's wrists. You want an ultimate punishment for him. You want to restrain his hands and, at the same time, prevent him from getting an erection during the play. That's how sadist you are. Well, who can blame you if it's addictingly gratifying to see your man scream and cry like a baby from extreme torture?

If you wish to execute restraining multiple parts of your husband's body, such as the wrists and the penis, at once, then the Wooden Wrist Lock Humbler Sex Toy will best suit your need!

This tool uses wood, so you're sure about its strength and might—your man won't be able to escape it! It comes with a black, hanger-like wooden bar, two punch screws and padlocks, and two pairs of keys for each padlock. The bar has two large holes, measuring 2.76 inches in diameter, for the wrists and one medium-sized slot, a 1.97 by 0.95 inches oblong-shaped hole, for the penis. At its ends are two more tiny ones for the screws to lock the mechanism.

To use the device, insert one screw to the one end of the bar. Place your man's wrists on the semicircular holes and the penis to the one in the middle. Cage his wrists and dick by joining the two halves of the bar. Lock it by placing the other screw on the other end. And finally, secure it by hooking the padlocks on both punch screws. Once everything is installed, go ahead and play your game. Add some more kink to your play by incorporating blindfolds, too, or whichever BDSM toy you have there. It will add thrill to your game!

Make sure to keep the play safe and sane. Crushing the penis for more than ten minutes will result in permanent adverse effects, so make sure to take note of the usage time. Also, assign safe words that shall prompt you to stop if your man finds your sentences crossing the boundaries.

It will be a punishment like no other when you use the Wooden Wrist Lock Humbler Sex Toy in your BDSM play. Get it now!

Color/Type Black
Material Wood
Dimension Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Wrist Cuff: 2.76 inches (70 mm)
Cock Squeezer: 1.97 x 0.95 inches (50 x 24 mm)
Weight: N/A

Wooden Wrist Lock Humbler Sex Toy

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