Wooden Ball Humbler Toy

Wooden Ball Humbler Toy

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Who says simple is boring? This devious device will show you otherwise! The Wooden Ball Humbler Toy isn’t your ordinary punishment tool since it cannot only limit your slave’s movement but torture his balls, too. All he can do is squeal in delicious agony and take the punishment he deserves!

Curved to fit your sub’s apple bottom, this evil toy will prevent him from standing, putting him right where he belongs--confined to the ground at your feet. And when you put his nutsack in this wooden tool, it will squeeze and stretch his precious family jewels out, leaving him no choice but to scream in delectable pain. What a kinky way to make him realize his mistakes!

Want to torment your submissive lover with this torturous tool? You have to ask for his consent first! As the saying goes, everyone is unique. Even if you and your partner love to do kinky games, it doesn’t mean you’re both into the same erotic play. So be sure to ask him if he’s willing to be tormented through his cock and balls.

Besides asking for his permission, you need to set rules and limitations you and your partner are about to follow. Furthermore, you have to establish a safe word or gesture he’ll use during the scene. Doing so will let you know if the act is too much for him.

Once you’ve sorted everything out, there’s no excuse not to punish him. Make him bow down at your feet by bending his body over, kneeling him down, and putting his nuts in the humbler. Then, when he’s completely immobilized and helpless, you have total control over him. Spank his booty, hit his crotch, pinch his nipples--do whatever it takes to make him beg for your mercy.

And when he finally realizes that what he did was wrong, you need to set his trapped balls free and handle them with care. Stroke, kiss and suck his manhood until he explodes--or hop on his lap and enjoy a wild ride!

Impose stricter enforcement with this Wooden Ball Humbler Toy. Buy now!

Color/Type Light Brown
Material Wood
Dimension Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Diameter: N/A
Weight: N/A