Wired Remote Vibrating Dick and Ball Ring

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It is common for sex toy manufacturers to design devices that can be worn only to the penis. Little did they know, the nerves in the balls are more sensitive than those in the shaft!

So, we offer a device that soothes not only the penis but also focuses on the scrotum. Try the Wired Remote Vibrating Dick and Ball Ring and be aroused with its sensation! This remote-controlled ball stimulator made of high-quality silicone ensures the safety of your genital's skin with its smooth and slick texture. Its two detachable vibrator wires come with a clicker that you can control. It also has an ergonomic design that fits any ball size because of its elastic property.

The adult toy also acts as an erection, orgasm, and ball extender. By limiting the blood coming out of the penis due to strangulation, the muscles in the member get tougher. It, then, results in a prolonged boner and climax. It can also act as a ball extender when used frequently, as the scrotum is being pulled down by the weight of the silicone and vibrators.

The device is worn by inserting your penis through the ring and slotting your balls into the sac. Attach the two vibrating wires in the side pockets, then turn on the switch to start shaking your balls. Feel seven modes of pleasure around your member and experience the stirring, flicking vibration that it releases!

After use, uninstall it from your organs and remove the vibrators from the pouches. Wash the silicone part with water and mild soap. Finger its inside linings to clean it thoroughly. Then dry it with a piece of cloth, and keep it in your sex toy cabinet for the next use.

With the vast number of intimacy toys out there, choose the one that will hit your weakest point to achieve the optimal pleasure. Get this product now and add this to your cart!

Color/Type Translucent Black
Material Silicone
Dimension Length: N/A
Width: N/A
Diameter: Stretchable