Vintage Style Black Leather Cuff
Vintage Style Black Leather Cuff
Vintage Style Black Leather Cuff
Vintage Style Black Leather Cuff
Vintage Style Black Leather Cuff

You are this classic, traditional type of man who's not into fussy, overly-designed things—may it be on yourself or your belongings. You want everything to be simple as they are. You're already happy with the basic things around you as long as you can use them. You bring this concept even in sex, like, for example, choosing your sex toys. You want straightforward tools which will ease your entertainment.

Good thing you're here, and you can see how simple yet effective this sex toy is. Here's the Vintage Style Black Leather Cuff—the restraining tool for you and your partner.

You can smell its earthy, woody, and smoky fragrance because it's made of synthetic leather. It's has a sewn edges and punched straps, decorated with two small metal buttons on its link. You can choose from the handcuffs measuring 9.45 by 2.36 inches or the ankle shackles at 11.02 by 2.36 inches. Or, you may opt to buy the two pairs for a complete restraining adventure.

Using it is as simple as it looks. Place your partner's wrists or ankles on the straightened strap, then fasten it by securing the snap buttons on the ends. You can use it for foreplays like BDSM or whatever you want. If you are using it to restrain your woman, make sure to establish a safeword first. This trigger will keep your play safe because your lover won't be able to resist all your wild actions during the act. Hence, making your kinky play fun and enjoyable to both of you.

After use, do not clean it with water and soap. Use a sex toy cleaner instead. Wipe off all the dirt and body fluid splat on it, and make sure to remove the smell, too.

There you go. It's the simplest form of enjoyment for you and your lover. Hurry and get the Vintage Style Black Leather Cuff now!

Color Black
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length:
Handcuffs: 9.45 x 2.36 inches (24 x 6 cm)
Ankle Shackles: 11.02 x 2.36 inches (28 x 6 cm)
Width/Diameter: N/A


Vintage Style Black Leather Cuff

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