Tongue Suppression Circle Gag
Tongue Suppression Circle Gag
Tongue Suppression Circle Gag
Tongue Suppression Circle Gag
Tongue Suppression Circle Gag
Tongue Suppression Circle Gag

Tonight is your last chance to impress. Your partner is getting bored with your usual sexy moves, and you can feel the tension it's causing both of you.

You have to make your move, and you have to do that fast!

Well, you are in for a big surprise because the Tongue Suppression Circle Gag is here to give you support in igniting that fire inside your sex dungeon.

Everything becomes mundane when done repeatedly, so adding exciting tools to spice things up is necessary to elevate your experience. This mouth gag is very user friendly and will give you something to look forward to.

The straps are made with leather, a fine material for rough sex and spanking. Leather is often used on these accessories because of its sleek finish and fantastic sturdiness.

Adjusting this on the mouth is easy peasy as you can slip the hook to several holes lining the belt. Snug and comfortable, nothing is left to chance when you have a Master that longs for a rough night!

The ring is not the usual because it features a body-friendly tongue depressor. Remember that awful time when you choked on your own because your tongue was in the way? Well, with this feature, you will have a fun, choke-free session!

Let your Master enjoy your drooling mouth as he lowers your head to his cock. The pleasure for you and him will be inconceivable and so brand new!

After 15 minutes, you should take a breather from your mouth gag activities to avoid hurting your sensitive oral cavities. You can apply petroleum jelly around your lips to keep them moisturized and avoid dry cuts from the mouthpiece.

Fun and exciting, you are sure to keep his attention, and of course his dick, to yourself! Grab this lovely piece today!


Color Belt: Black, Ring: Gold, Silver
Material Leather
Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Ring: 1.57 inches (40 mm),
Tongue Depressor: (15 mm, 5 mm


Tongue Suppression Circle Gag

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