Super Heavy Testicle Clamp
Super Heavy Testicle Clamp
Super Heavy Testicle Clamp
Super Heavy Testicle Clamp

You have always been wondering how it would feel to have your balls crushed—not broken, more of a torturous caress just like the one your Dom has been doing. She is your Mistress, and so far, she has bitten and spanked your nuts, and you liked the feeling. So your mission is to grab a great tool to help you achieve your covetous need to inflict pleasurable pain down there.

Nothing is more appropriate than the Super Heavy Testicle Clamp to satisfy your hunt for a new, very effective balls restraint. This clamp is not your friendly kind of toy. This one is heavy, advanced, and will give intense grasping where you want it. This item is for those who know what they want and how to get it.

The toy alone is around 0.89 lbs., this ballast is perfect for adding heaviness to stretch your balls to a neutral tug. The shape is an elongated oblong with a 0.67-inch diameter to clip your balls mercilessly. This narrow section is where you will insert your nuts, then very gently seal this area to lock it in. Feel the sensation; if there is any sharp discomfort, make sure to unclamp the toy immediately.

If done correctly, your balls will be weighted down as your dick will become more significant than ever. That is because the clamp forces blood out and into the shaft, making it robust and sensitive. Your Mistress is going to be pleased with your new toy. It's an effective BDSM pressure tool to give comforting pain that you enjoy.

Using this clamp is a big step in your BDSM journey, so give time to discuss before going all-out. Also, make sure to have an assigned safe word or gesture when things get too rough for you.

Give your BDSM journey something good. These testes clamp is a versatile tool you can experiment with. Grab this lovely piece today!

Color/Type Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length:
Clamp's Inner Length: 2.68 inches (68 mm)
Pin: 0.94 inch

Clamp's Inner Width: 0.67 inch (17 mm)
Clamp's Outer Width: 1.46 inches (37 mm)
Diameter of Pin: 0.55 inch
Weight: 0.89 lbs. (405 g)


Super Heavy Testicle Clamp

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