Super Fancy Spreader Bar With Cuffs
Super Fancy Spreader Bar With Cuffs
Super Fancy Spreader Bar With Cuffs

Want to restrict your partner’s movements and put her under your control? Perhaps you’d like to step up the game and elevate your usual erotic positions? Here’s a tool that can do both! The Super Fancy Spreader Bar With Cuffs will add dimensions to your bondage play.

This exciting bondage gear comes with a metal bar covered with leather and two detachable leather cuffs. When you attach the cuffs to the ends of the rod, you now have the freedom to try different positions you’ve never done before. You’ll also have the power to control her movements and treat her like a puppet.

To use this bondage rod, you need to make sure that your lover in the right (kinky) mind. Kiss her, tickle her, whoop her ass—do whatever it takes to put your slave in the mood. When she’s ready, it’s time to bind her. Wrap the cuffs around her wrists or ankles and fuck her in any way you desire and anywhere you want! Just let your imagination and fantasies run wild and turn them into reality. When playtime is over, detach the cuffs to the bar and keep them in a discreet place.

But before doing any of these things to your passive lover, you need to make sure that she’s up for it. That’s because not everyone is into bondage play or any BDSM activities. So it’s better to ask your partner first before doing it to her. And if she’s up for it, be sure to talk about what needs to be discussed—from your roles to the safe words you will use. It’s vital to talk about these things so that both parties will enjoy the play.

Enjoy immense pleasure when you restrict and control your partner’s movements and positions with this Super Fancy Spreader Bar With Cuffs. So go ahead and grab yours now!

Color/Type Brown
Material Spreader Bar - Metal
Cuffs - PU Leather
Dimension Length: N/A
Width: N/A

Super Fancy Spreader Bar With Cuffs

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