Sugar N Spice Leather Collar With Leash
Sugar N Spice Leather Collar With Leash
Sugar N Spice Leather Collar With Leash

One of the most pleasurable acts in sex is when your partner commands you in that insanely hot and dominant manner, and you, on the other hand, should obey him instantaneously.

The full act of submission gives him an incredible amount of power to take control of your body in the most thrilling kind of way.

If you fantasize about submissive collars as part of the thrill, it is now the right time to release that absolute zeal and make it happen. Give in to your first total servitude with our Sugar N Spice Leather Collar With Leash.

Symbolizing ownership, this double-layered collar in the seductive combination of colors black and pink will never be a BDSM prop hit or miss. Aiming to make you look a temptress is the faux-leather base material of the strap.

It comes with a durable buckle and an astonishing number of holes for top-notch fitting. Seeing this thing wrapped around your neck will transform your partner into a brawny love machine ready to enslave you.

Inspired by complete and utter submission is the stainless steel-based long-linked chain leash connected to the collar that can be adjusted from 16.73 inches up to 21.46 inches of length—such an excellent measurement to achieve full dominance and control. Wearing it will make you look fragile and, at the same time, a perfect subservient.

Complete the statement by donning handcuffs and blindfold alike to make the role-play fun and exciting. Since it is easy to remove, you can set aside this device as things intensify, allowing you to freely move and reach an orgasmic state.

Of course, just like any other accessories, this collar with leash needs some good loving too. Don't just toss it to your cabinet after some fiery hot sexcapade. Dust off and wipe the dirt on the leather and wash the chain every after use.

Ensure that the leather's surface is free of moisture to prevent the accumulation of molds and mildews. Store it at room temperature to maintain its premium quality.

Unleash your full submissive potential when you add this product to your cart today.

Color Black, Pink
Material Collar: Leather
Leash: Metal
Collar: 16.73 inches - 21.46 inches
Leash: 29.92 inches
Collar: 1.77 inches
Leash: N/A


Sugar N Spice Leather Collar With Leash

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