Submissive Pooch Latex Dog Masks
Submissive Pooch Latex Dog Masks
Submissive Pooch Latex Dog Masks

You like the tightness on your skin. Its pressure on your body arouses your sexual desire. Not only do you like it, but you also love it! Combine your latex fetish with your inner animal, a dog, and you're in for a great treat! Put on one of these Submissive Pooch Latex Dog Masks to delight your Master and double the fun during playtime!

Transform into a puppy in seconds with this professionally hand-made mask. Great for all genders, this mask has one size that fits most users. It's a form-fitting mask, so smile or frown because your facial expression will be translated into this latex mask. There are cutouts to let you see clearly and breathe normally. With a mouth that's not covered, feel free to bark and lick your Master. Be a naughty dog, and take his dick into your mouth. Lick and suck it till your owner explodes with jeez.

Run, jump, and skip to make your ears flap. Listen to your Master's commands and carry them out dutifully. And when it's time to do the doggy, give all that you've got and offer your ass for spanking. You're a canine, so you howl as much as if you like.

It's a good idea to match this dog hood with a latex suit, and of course, you need paws to let yourself walk on fours. Sit, roll over, heel, or fetch the ball! Puppy play isn't just about sex. It's having fun with or without a Master to give you orders.

Remarkably flexible and lightweight, this latex hood is comfortable, making it ideal for prolonged use. So besides satisfying your fetish, this hood will also complete your Halloween costume. Don't forget to use silicone lube to shine it.

Put this hood on and be a feisty or a friendly pooch. Buy now, or you'll regret it.

Color Black
Material Latex
Dimension Length: Free Size
Circumference/Thickness: Free size

Submissive Pooch Latex Dog Masks

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