Submission Fetish Petplay Collars
Submission Fetish Petplay Collars
Submission Fetish Petplay Collars
Submission Fetish Petplay Collars

Your submissive partner has been naughty again. She knows triggering your predatory instinct will drive you wild in bed, making sex rough and passionate, and she loves that! So she is literally asking for it.

Well, when you need to give your little bad girl a lesson, then make use of the Submission Fetish Petplay Collars. This stunning item is excellent for training your partner. The adjustable straps are high-quality leather and polyester. These are reliable materials that will last for a long time if they are appropriately maintained. You can be sure that your Sub is comfortable wearing it, even as the session becomes a little too rough.

The adorable bell that hangs at the center of the collar will be a sensory indication of where your Sub is. This chime will ring as she makes even the slightest movement. You can play hide-and-seek for a new twist and end up capturing her in passionate lovemaking afterward.

Attached to the strap is a chained leash that extends to a leather handle. Pet playing is not complete if you can't walk her around and chain her until she knows who the master is in bed.

The collar is a beautiful sleek black, so you can easily pair this with your favorite butt plug and hood, and you got yourself a sexy and very wild pet to tame.

Safety is always a priority, so make sure you set the rules with your Sub about 'safe word' or maybe a 'drop object' to keep it light and comfortable.

Cleaning this accessory is also crucial for a hygienic practice. Do so by wiping this piece with your trusted disinfectant. Keep it hidden in a separate container, away from extreme heat.

Show your lover who is in charge. You can never go wrong with a collar with a bell and leash! Add this to your purchase today!


Color Collar and Handle: Black and Red
Bell: Black and Red
Chain: Silver
Material Collar: Leather, Polyester
Leash: Metal
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Width/Diameter: N/A


Submission Fetish Petplay Collars

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