Stylish Leather Mitten Restraints
Stylish Leather Mitten Restraints
Stylish Leather Mitten Restraints
Stylish Leather Mitten Restraints
Arf! Arf! There goes your puppy playing so wildly and having so much fun! She puts her butt up in the air while wagging his tail. Rambunctious and wild, she has scattered her food all over the place. It looks like your puppy is in dire need of obedience training. Enclose your pet's hands in the Stylish Leather Mitten Restraints to turn her into an adorable and disciplined canine.

Loosen or tighten the leather mittens with their lace-up for a snug fit around the fists and the wrists. At the end of each mitt is a D-ring, allowing you to attach a chain or a leash. Secure these mittens with adjustable handcuffs that go with the set. These cuffs are escape-proofed with padlocks, and the chain that connects the wrists will limit your pet's movements. With these mittens and handcuffs, how can your canine use her hands and fingers?

As the gloves are crafted from high-quality synthetic garment leather, your partner won't complain about skin irritations after prolonged use. These mitts are also well stitched for durability. On the other hand, the handcuffs are made of tough PU leather. Their metal parts are riveted to stand your puppy's rigorous struggle. The chain comes with swivel hooks for easy and quick installation and removal.

Experience more bliss when you have an obedient puppy that does all the tricks. Let your pup enjoy a bit of freedom by taking off the chains to make her crawl or walk on fours. When done with your training session, it's time to reward your puppy with a sensual and satisfying doggy. Shag until you drop!

Puppy play is one of the most exciting pet plays that couples enjoy. Make it easy for your partner—male, female, gay, or lesbian—to enter the headspace of a dog, and never forget these mitten restraints to complete the ensemble. Pick from the three color variants; you can't go wrong with whatever you choose.

Train your puppy with style with the Stylish Leather Mitten Restraints. Buy now!


Color/Type Pink, Black, Red
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length:
Mitten: 9.65 inches (24.5 cm)
Cuff: 10.63 inches (27 cm)
Mitten: 5.31 inches (13.5 cm)
Cuff: (5.5 cm)


Stylish Leather Mitten Restraints

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