Studded Leather Dog Gimp Mask

Studded Leather Dog Gimp Mask

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Dogs are one of the most patient creatures in the world. They are also very loyal. If you write down every reason why they are considered man’s best friend, the list will go on and on. The Creator must’ve been in a really good mood when It created dogs. This is why, when you realized that your partner needs to work on his good virtues, and he requires some discipline, you thought, “If only guiding him is as easy as training my puppy, my problem will be solved.”

Time to put your kink to good use. If your partner always acts up like a toddler having tantrums, then maybe you can condition him to be a better “creature” without being too obvious. Why not indulge in some playful pet play and start to discipline him little by little? The Bondage Play Dog Gimp Mask will be more than willing to help you on this naughty journey!

This synthetic leather hood is an effective tool in teaching him a lesson without taking away all the elements of excitement and fun. It covers your Sub’s whole head, trading his pretty face to that of a wild hound. There are holes for the eyes and nostrils. There's also a zipper that runs across the mask's mouth to ensure the safety of the play. But if you want to get down and nasty, you can deprive him of his vision by placing the eye cover and leave him to reflect on his bad attitude in total darkness. Just fasten the metal snap rivets around the eye area to instantly heighten his defenses—that’ll teach him to be more sensitive to his surroundings! As a cherry on top, this mask comes with a leash so you can boss him around and have him follow you wherever you go.

Purchase the Bondage Play Dog Gimp Mask, and you’re guaranteed to have a kinder lover after every session. The clock is ticking; click that button now!


Color Black
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length: N/A
Width/Diameter: N/A