Stainless Throat Gag Harness
Stainless Throat Gag Harness
Stainless Throat Gag Harness
Stainless Throat Gag Harness

Your submissive partner is doing a great job despite being new to the practice. She has shown devotion and commitment to fulfilling all your wishes and desires. She keeps improving, and she wants more. Her fetish for bondage is getting deeper, so it's time to introduce the Stainless Throat Gag Harness. This bondage tool is dungeon-ready with all its multi-strap head harness and double O-ring.

The double O-ring will keep her mouth wide open as she'll find it impossible to flip it when she needs to take a break. Enjoy watching her drool because she won't be able to take a rest unless you say so. This double-ring gag means serious business, so only the brave and the experienced can hold it in their mouth. With two rings in her oral cavity, she'll welcome everything that you'll dip into her mouth. A penis-shaped candy, perhaps? Or better yet, your dick!

The ring is made of high-quality metal. Its edges are smoothed and rounded, so it won't hurt or cause abrasions in the oral cavity. It's easy to clean as well. Wiping it with a tissue soaked in alcohol will keep it hygienic. You can also wash it with mild soap and water if you wish. Rust-proof and corrosion-resistant, it will last a lifetime.

What makes this bondage gag special is the head harness that features several straps. As it has buckles at the chin and the back of the head, the gag will stay in place. A perfect fit is guaranteed because the harness is adjustable. The straps are of A-grade PU leather that won't leave a stain on the skin. It's also skin-friendly, so your sub's fair complexion is safe.

If you're serious about restraining your sub, you also need to restrict her mouth. This gag tool will do the job remarkably. Buy now!

Color Gag – Silver
Harness - Black
Material Harness - PU Leather
Gag - Metal
Dimension Length:
Vertical Head Strap - 7.87 inches (20-38 cm)
Horizontal Head Strap - 6.69 inches + 4.33 inches (17 cm + 11 cm)
Face Strap - 4.92 inches (12.5 cm)
Chin Strap - 3.74 inches+4.72 inches (9.5 cm+12 cm)
Inner Diameter - 1.18 inches (3 cm)
Outer Diameter - 1.65 inches (4.2 cm)


Stainless Throat Gag Harness

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