Stainless Steel Ball Crusher
Stainless Steel Ball Crusher
Stainless Steel Ball Crusher
Stainless Steel Ball Crusher

You saw it; it is undeniable. Your flirt Sub just looked at another Dom. The jealousy is consuming you, and you need to teach this slave a lesson. He is, after all, yours, and he should learn to know his place.

Punish that delinquent and let him know his place. That is where the No Frills Metallic Scrotum Stretcher becomes valuable — when you want a weighted toy to make your point crystal clear. And with this selection, you will teach him a lesson and enhance his cock to be in its best state. That's a win-win for both of you!

Made of excellent quality stainless steel, these are solid cock rings fabulous for serious BDSM enthusiasts who like to explore. The easy wrap-around feature of these rings makes it easier to wear because you only have to clip it over the intended area, and you are good to go. Once this is properly placed at the bottom part of the nuts, your Sub will instantly feel the satisfying tug. Let him feel comfortable before you lower the weights. Do it carefully because the sudden dropping of these steel anchors may cause serious problems. These products have two weight options to choose from, an 679 g and an 850 g. If you are still on the first course of your CBT journey, it's better to start with a lighter load than progress your way to heavier toys.

With this on, your slave will undoubtedly be at your service because his cock will be extra sensitive to all stimuli. So bring out your naughty feather tickler for sensual titillation! Moreover, these rings will keep him hard for a longer time; what that means is that you will enjoy his cock all night long. Now that's a punishment he won't complain to!

Talk about your safe words and gesture before indulging in an all-out session with your Sub. When it comes to cock and ball torture, it's always a great idea to set clear boundaries.

Give him what he deserves, add this tool to your purchase today!


Color/Type Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: Chain- 11.81 inches
Width: N/A
Diameter: 1.65 inches
Weight: 670 g - 1.48 lbs., 850g -1.87 lbs.


Stainless Steel Ball Crusher

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