Stainless Dilator Urethral Sound
Stainless Dilator Urethral Sound
Stainless Dilator Urethral Sound
Stainless Dilator Urethral Sound

Do yourself a favor and start fucking your cock with the help of this Stainless Dilator Urethral Sound. You don't need to wait for your cum to explode to experience incredible sensations. Stimulating your urethral wall is like the journey that you want to take repeatedly before you reach your destination.

Reward yourself with this urethral sound because of your curiosity to go out there to discover new things. Use this plug to achieve better orgasms by restricting your cum to flow and leveraging your ultra-sensitive urethral wall. Whether you enjoy foreplay with sex toys or just enjoy being alone, this plug will not disappoint.

Its stainless-steel material is guaranteed safe and polished well to achieve that smooth texture. It's the same material used in surgical equipment, so you can be assured that it's suitable for internal use.

It's beginner-friendly with its length of 3.77 inches, and with its narrowest end of 0.15 inch and 0.30 inch at its widest. Most beginners would start with this size as the size is not too intimidating.

To ensure your journey on this newfound game is safe, make sure to always clean your plug before and after each use. It is a good practice to put it in a pot of boiling water then use some antibacterial soap for complete sanitation. Also, sanitize your hands and your penis to avoid any infection. For a hassle-free insertion, use some good-quality lubricant on your pee hole and the shaft of the plug. At this point, you can put pleasure into your own hands as you start to stroke your penis while this Stainless Dilator Urethral Sound is inside you.

Indeed, it's rewarding to go beyond your boundaries, especially if you have something to help you push further. Add this Stainless Dilator Urethral Sound to your cart now.

Color Silver
Material Stainless-Steel
Type Penis Plug
Dimension (inches) 3.77 x 0.30
Length: 3.77 inches
Width: 0.15, 0.30 inch


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Stainless Dilator Urethral Sound

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