Stainless Cum Thru Urethral Sound
Stainless Cum Thru Urethral Sound
Stainless Cum Thru Urethral Sound
Stainless Cum Thru Urethral Sound

Indulge yourself in an overwhelming carnal pleasure only from Stainless Cum Thru Urethral Sound and be rejuvenated thereafter.

Sleek, polished, and stylish, this penis plug will stun you with surprising sensations as you welcome it inside your penis. With an insertable length of 4.33”, this cock stuffing device is made for experienced urethral explorers who love to stuff their cocks. The tip tapers up from 0.28” to 0.35” diameter, followed by a series of 9 beads, which are also 0.35” wide. Right before the handle is the slender part of the shaft, which is 0.24” in width. The handle will not only prevent the plug from slippage but will also provide a better grip during insertion and retrieval operation.

The magnificent design of this sex toy lets you enjoy pleasure, comfort, and convenience. The beads will provide overwhelming titillation that will make your whole body quiver with delight. The cum-thru hole enables you to wear the plug for an extended period of time to make you horny and kinky even when you’re outside your bedroom. Feel free to let urine or semen flow without having to remove and put the plug back again.

It’s crafted from superior metal, stainless steel, to ensure that you won’t be running to your doctor due to irritation. Stainless steel is hypoallergenic, so it’s perfectly safe for external or internal use.

This material is known for it is non-toxic, phthalate-free, and non-porous properties. In addition, stainless steel is rust-resistant and a very durable type of metal. No matter how many times you sterilize this penis plug, it won’t warp.

With this beauty filling your cock, feel every light touch magnified. Masturbate or get some wetness from your beloved’s tongue, and you’ll be in cloud nine. Purchasing this Stainless Cum Thru Urethral Sound today means days of pleasure ahead!

Color Silver
Material Stainless Steel
Type Hollow Penis Plug
Dimension (inches)
Length: 4.33”
Width: 0.35”, 0.24"


Stainless Cum Thru Urethral Sound

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