Stainless All Day Penis Stretcher Set
Stainless All Day Penis Stretcher Set

Your partner is a nymphomaniac. Once his libido kicks in, he can’t control his urge. He has to do something to release it—be it through his hands or sex toys. But as his dominant lover, you hate it when he does that. Of course, you want to be with him whenever his sexual needs arise. You want to be the one who plays with his dick and sucks it. You want to be the one who receives his hot essence and not anyone—or anything—else.

Here’s a tool that can keep his hands—and his toys—off his banana. The best part? It will benefit you both since it can increase the size of his weenie and improve his endurance through time. And it can be a perfect punishment tool for him since it stretches his manhood, delivering knee-trembling pain.

The Stainless All Day Penis Stretcher Set is a kinky all-in-one device. It serves as a chastity tool as it prevents the wearer from touching his meat and getting a full erection. It’s also like a penis enlargement device since it helps increase the length and girth of his dick. And it’s a CBT tool as it sends delectable torment to the user’s cock. He’ll be screaming in delightful agony the moment it yanks his pitiful snake down.

To use this set on your naughty and playful partner, you need to start with three rings for at least a week or two. Just slip his limp dick into the first three cock rings and let him wear it for at least ten minutes. Add more C-rings if he can handle the pull until you’ve managed to put everything on his penis. And oh, don’t forget to lock them up to secure them in place.

Control your man’s urges with this Stainless All Day Penis Stretcher Set. Grab this kit now!


Color/Type Silver
Material 304 Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: 3.94 inches
Width: N/A
Inner - 1.42 inches
Outer - 2.05 inches
Total Weight - 2.16 lbs.
Ring - 0.12 lb.


Stainless All Day Penis Stretcher Set

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