Smart Ultrasonic Punishment Shock Collar
Smart Ultrasonic Punishment Shock Collar
Smart Ultrasonic Punishment Shock Collar
Smart Ultrasonic Punishment Shock Collar

Fucking your woman against the concrete walls is not enough for you. You can't seem to find pleasure until you see her teary-eyed, begging you to stop. You don't consider your play a well-played one when you haven't marked her with any bruise or when you haven't made her plead. That's your source of fulfillment in sex—seeing someone suffer.

What's a better way to discipline your woman than to give her sudden jolts every time she cries more? Introducing—the Smart Ultrasonic Punishment Shock Collar—the sex collar that will wallop her the more she utters a word!

To give you a hint of what it is and what it does, it's a collar with a shocker that vibrates, beeps or shocks every time it detects a sound. It has two major parts: the strap that uses reflective nylon, and the shocker, made of ABS plastic. It features a smart automatic protection mode that allows the shocker to sleep for a minute after every seven-minute interval. As morbid as it sounds, it is, in fact, safe to use as the current and voltage magnitude it produces is at a level that a human body can tolerate.

Before wearing it to your woman, adjust the shocker's settings based on how you would want to punish her. Surprise her by talking to her and letting her speak up until the shocker does its job. Start with fucking her rough, and as she moans, and groans, and cries for help, the shocker will be triggered to electrify her throat until she wishes she never had a deal with a sadist like you.

When you're through with the play, and you got all that you want, uninstall the toy from her neck and wipe off any dirt that clung to it. Reuse it for the next play, and charge it for a maximum of an hour.

It will be scenic to watch as your woman twitches her body for every moment she gets electrocuted by the sudden current crippling her neck! Oh, how lovely! Where else can you get this pleasure but from the Smart Ultrasonic Punishment Shock Collar? Get this piece now!


Color Strap: Black
Shocker: Gold, Silver
Material Strap: Reflective Nylon
Shocker: ABS
Dimension Length:
Strap: Adjustable
Shocker: 2.55 inches (6.5 cm)
Strap: N/A
Shocker's Width: 1.57 inches (4 cm)
Shocker's Thickness: 0.98 inch (2.5 cm)


Smart Ultrasonic Punishment Shock Collar

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