Sleek 7-Frequency Remote Control Ben Wa Balls

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Ladies, are you ready to be blown away by the benefits of Ben Wa Balls? These balls enhance your sex life by shrinking your pussy and having more fruitful orgasms with your lover. After a few weeks of use, we assure you’ll be singing “Like A Virgin” all day long.

Trigger your love mojo with our Sleek 7-Frequency Remote Control Ben Wa Balls as they can make your relationship more exciting. This amazing set is made of high-quality silicone and ABS. Silicone is a body-safe material--you are assured that this toy will not be harmful to your body.

The first part of this set is the vibrating Ben Wa Ball, which comes in pretty pink color. This is shaped like a toothbrush, but instead of the brush head, there is a flower bud shape at the end. This Ben Wa Ball has a long handle that you can use to pull the vibrator after use. In addition, there is a power button at the center that you can press for about three seconds to turn it on. While you have to switch the same button briefly to change among the seven vibration frequency modes.

The second part of this set is the remote control, which has a classy silver color. This is shaped like a leaf and has three ridges for a better grip on your hand. There are three buttons on the remote--one to power the device, the plus, and minus buttons to control its every move. This nifty gadget can be powered via USB port as you charge its 3.7-volt Li-ion battery. Charge it via your power bank, laptop, or your car charger.

Achieve multiple orgasms and have a brighter mood with this Sleek 7-Frequency Remote Control Ben Wa Balls. Order one now!


Pink (Ben Wa Ball)

Silver (Remote Control)

Type Ben Wa Balls
Material Silicone, ABS
Dimensions (in.)