Slave Punishment Gimp Mask

Slave Punishment Gimp Mask

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Your man did something that instantly blew your stack again. You have already made yourself clear for the nth time. You don't ever want to see another woman near him.

But he doesn't seem to take everything you say seriously. And whenever you decide to teach him a lesson, you always fail. His gentle but macho façade melts your heart away. And that's not all, because the moment he releases his dick, not only do you lose your mind but also your dominant side. Because who wouldn't fall head over heels for someone with a handsome face, to-die-for body, and monster cock? Yes, it's indeed tough.

This time, make sure to remind your partner of his rightful place. Make him your slave again and punish him without reservation. Do that without falter with this Slave Punishment Gimp Mask. Consider this full head mask as the answer to your uncontrollable weakness over your partner's handsome face. Without seeing him, you can finally do whatever it takes to give him the punishments he deserves.

This mask is made of PU leather, making it soft and smooth on the skin. It has ten pairs of metal grommets and a lace you can find at the backside. This lace-up will hold the mask steady even as your slave moves around. Unlike its sensory deprivation mask counterpart, this one is breathable. With the holes for the eyes and nose, you know your bottom has all the air source he would need. You can also make him your pet with the D-rings on top of the head and neck, where you can attach a leash or chains for restraints. However you want to play, this mask will indeed help you slay.

Before you begin, make sure to talk to your partner about a few things. Note down all his limitations so that you don't go beyond his boundaries. Assign verbal and nonverbal signals in case your partner can no longer take things anymore. Remember, you always have to prioritize safety.

Don't let your partner transform you into a weak dominatrix again. Add this mask to your cart today!


Color Black
Material PU Leather
Dimension Length: Adjustable
Circumference/Thickness: Adjustable