Silicone and Aluminum Rectal Shower Enema


When you are about to have sex with your lover, you don't know where he wants to touch you. You don't know where he wants to release his cum. You'd better prepare yourself for such situations! Use our Silicone and Aluminum Rectal Shower Enema to clean your intimate areas before going for a mind-boggling sex adventure. This rectal enema is the perfect tool for rectal/vaginal douching. This black tube, which is roughly bigger than the size of a ruler, can clean your hollow entrance thoroughly.

This Rectal Shower Enema is made from two materials: silicone and aluminum. Both of these composites are of high-quality, which means it is safe to use.
The silicone-based tube is durable yet flexible. It can follow your body's natural shape as it gets deeper into your anus. It's also hypoallergenic, which is ideal for your sensitive butt cheeks.

Meanwhile, the aluminum part is found on the nozzle. This feature has a tapered design for comfortable insertion. It also has a small hole where the water flows and enters your fuck tunnels.

Not only that; our Silicone and Aluminum Rectal Enema has a plumbing fitting on the other end of the flexible tube. This lets you connect the enema to the shower hose to extend its length. That way, you can do whatever position you like while cleaning your intimate areas.

Our Silicone and Aluminum Shower Enema is ideal for both guys and girls. It also helps enhance your sex drive as you feel the water pressure inside you. With this tool, you're not just cleaning your ass; you're also getting turned on by the flow in your entrance.

So be sure to get our Silicone and Aluminum Rectal Shower Enema and clean your holes before everything heats up in bed!


Color Black
Type Shower Enema

Nozzle: Aluminum

Tube: Silicone



nozzle: N/A

tube: 12.40 inches


nozzle: 1.10 inches

tube: N/A