Sexy Leather Fox Mask
Sexy Leather Fox Mask
Sexy Leather Fox Mask
Sexy Leather Fox Mask

Foxes are playful and mystical creatures. No wonder lots of people enjoy playing the role of this furry animal during a kinky role play. But if you're not a fan of fuzzy masks that cause irritation or allergy, then you should get this Sexy Leather Fox Mask.

This fox-like mask is of high-quality synthetic leather. This disguise may look animalistic, but its material is animal-friendly. Synthetic leather is body-safe as well, and unlike feathery masks, it doesn't have any faux or real fur that can shed and make your skin feel itchy.

This mask's ears are upright, and if you know foxes well enough, you know that it's a good sign that your pet is in the mood to play. It has a pointy snout and tiny holes that look like whiskers.

Hate complications? Don't worry because the straps lock in a similar way to a belt. If you feel like a mask isn't enough, fret not because you can buy and add more accessories to make your roleplay more immersive and erotic. A collar with a leash and a fox tail butt plug will add more spice to your feral endeavor. This fox mask is also available in four different colors.

But no matter how mild or harsh you intend to go through with your pet play, remember that this practice should be consensual. If not, it wouldn't be as fun. And worse, you might get in trouble.

Second, you should always keep your kinky accessories clean. Regularly sanitize this mask by spraying it with a solution of water and soap. Wipe off the soapy mixture using a damp towel, then remove the moisture using a dry, lint-free cloth. You can also air-dry it but make sure to do so in a shaded spot.

If you want to turn your partner into a dog or a vixen, all you need to do is get this Sexy Leather Fox Mask. Buy one now!

Color Blue, White, Red, Pink
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length: N/A
Circumference/Thickness: Adjustable


Sexy Leather Fox Mask

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