Sexiness Overload Lace Bunny Ears Mask
Sexiness Overload Lace Bunny Ears Mask

It takes a lot of guts to be a dominatrix in this world full of male masters. Not all men are open to the idea of being controlled by a woman. The fact that femme Fatales can beat them up hurts their pride so much.

And that explains why you tend to go all-out on dominating a slave in bed. It is not all the time that you can meet a man who is secured enough with his sexuality and will let you explore his boundaries.

So make sure to be prepared all the time. You’ll never know when you will be able to perform your dominatrix antics. And when that time comes, don’t forget to wear this Sexiness Overload Lace Bunny Ears Mask. It is an accessory you can wear together with your skimpy bodysuit and high heels.

Using a mask will give you the leverage to perform without reservations. With that, you can be whatever kind of sadistic domme you want to be. So choose the best role-play you want to portray and dress to impress. Prepare your other toys to inflict pleasurable pain on your slave. Drain his manly ego with your commands. Just do everything that will satisfy you.

Since this mask is a product of lace base material, it won’t be too hard to wear. The bunny ears will indeed make you look sultry. The cover only shows what is necessary. And as a result, your sub will see nothing more than your cruel beauty. It is easy to wear as the mask is attached to a headband. It also boasts lasting durability. You can rest assured to use it for your many more dominatrix activities in the future.

So what are you still waiting for? Showcase your sadistic moves to your partner in full costume. Add this mask to your cart today!


Color Black
Material Lace, Metal, Net Yarn
Dimension Length:
Mask: 5.12 inches
Ear: 9.84 inches
Mask: 4.33 inches
Ear: 3.54 inches


Sexiness Overload Lace Bunny Ears Mask

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