Sensual Purple Fuzzy Handcuffs

Sensual Purple Fuzzy Handcuffs

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If sex with your wife is an ice cream flavor, it would be vanilla—it smells good, doesn’t taste bad, but is too simple and often bordering boring. And what’s more saddening is the fact that she has the upper hand on things. If she doesn’t like going down on you, it doesn’t matter if you’re dying to get some head; she won’t give it to you. If she’s not up for a particular sexual position, she won’t do it. You love her, but she’s a bitch in bed—and it isn’t even in a sexy way.

It’s time to switch things up with some tough love and for you to be in total control during your love session. If you want to impose dominance, and it’s your partner’s first taste of kink, you don’t have to get full berserk on a complete set of bondage accessories. It doesn’t even have to be in all-black leather. The perfect tool for BDSM 101 is the Sensual Purple Fuzzy Handcuffs!

This product isn’t your ordinary shackle. Apart from looking aesthetically pleasing, it is also very comfortable to wear. The PU leather has a plush lining, which acts as a cushion and makes it suitable for extended wearing. A thick metal chain attached to the D rings connects the cuffs, preventing her from making unnecessary movement. You can adjust the handcuffs to fit your partner’s wrists better, thanks to the belt-like buckle at the end of the straps.

Set the mood and build the right momentum by sending naughty innuendos throughout the day to make her really horny. When she gets home from work, she’ll be looking forward to great sex, and that’s the time to put the handcuffs on her—giving her less chance to object! Bind her hands and savor every inch of her body like there’s no tomorrow.

Purchase the Sensual Purple Fuzzy Handcuffs today and watch your wildest dreams come true. Act fast before they run out of stocks.

Color Purple
Material Synthetic Leather
Faux Fur
Dimension Length:
Handcuffs: 12.60 inches
Chains: 5.91 inches
Handcuffs: 1.97 inches