Seductive Vibrating Pink Plastic Tail Butt Plug


This Seductive Vibrating Pink Plastic Tail Butt Plug offers a unique take on tail butt plugs.

Give your lover this Seductive Vibrating Pink Plastic Tail Butt Plug and set her inner animal free.  This anal toy is stimulating for everyone -- from novice users to advanced players.

The Pink Plastic Tail Plug features a smooth and seamless tapered end, a short but slim neck, and an oval base where the tail is attached.

Your partner will love the sleek, narrow tip of the plug as it fills her ass. She will like the fullness it gives inside, leading to better orgasms.

Meanwhile, the round flared base is the charmer of the toy. Not only is it because of the tail attached to it; it's because of its primary purpose. This part ensures that the plug stays in place regardless of the user's movement.

Our Seductive Vibrating Pink Plastic Tail Butt Plug is made of plastic. This material is durable but not as heavy as stainless steel.  That is why this anal toy is perfect for those who can't take big plugs in their asses.

The tail, on the other hand, is made from synthetic fur. It's as soft as the real foxtail.  Hence, it can stimulate your pet's senses and enhance her libido as the tail brushes against her legs.

But the best thing about this Pink Plastic Tail Plug is the remote-control vibrator.  This added feature will level up your pet play scenes. Turn up the vibration, and your pet will moan with sexual bliss, or keep it down for a more relaxed shake.

It is time to add a bit of spice to your pet play scenarios with this Seductive Vibrating Pink Plastic Tail Butt Plug and make your pet moan louder with pleasure and satisfaction!


Handle:  Black

Plug:  Pink

Type Tail Plug + Vibrator

Handle:  Synthetic Fur

Plug: Plastic



Handle:  N/A

Plug: N/A


Handle:  N/A

Plug:  N/A