Scrotum Stretcher Ball Weights
Scrotum Stretcher Ball Weights
Scrotum Stretcher Ball Weights
Scrotum Stretcher Ball Weights
Scrotum Stretcher Ball Weights

Experience longer orgasms and discover new pleasurable sensations while you're at it too. If your partner has a thing for low-hanging balls, here's your chance to satisfy your lover's fixation. Give your balls a new look and make them more aesthetically pleasing with the help of Scrotum Stretcher Ball Weights.

Body stretching offers a lot of health benefits. Doing so can increase your blood circulation, improve your posture and relieve stress. But who knew that ball stretching is way more stress-relieving? Yes, indeed! Stretching your scrotum can feel arousing and enhance your sexual performance at the same time. And if you're looking for a device that can elongate your testicles and make you look sexy as well, then you should get the Scrotum Stretcher Ball Weights. This easy-to-use ball stretcher with weights can change your bedroom performance and experience for the better.

This accessory features a black synthetic panel with two straps and a D-ring. As mentioned, wearing it simple. Wrap it around your precious balls and adjust the straps according to the tightness you desire. These straps are highly adjustable, and you can easily lock them using their velcro pads. With the leather strap in place, you can now attach the metal weights and let everything hang loose. If you're new to using this tool, it will be better to start with one ball before using both of them. You can use this stretcher during solo play, but most likely, your partner will appreciate it if you share this toy. With this ball stretcher hugging your testicles during sex, you'll notice your erections feel more vigorous, and orgasms will feel more mindblowing. And because the balls are detachable, you can add or replace the weights with other tools you or your partner desires.

Using this ball stretcher might be the twist that your bedroom routines need. Add this to your cart now!

Color/Type Black, Silver
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length:2.36 inches (6 cm)
Width: N/A
Diameter: N/A
Weight: 0.50 lbs. (228 grams)

Scrotum Stretcher Ball Weights

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