Sadist's Fancy Latex Gas Mask
Sadist's Fancy Latex Gas Mask
Sadist's Fancy Latex Gas Mask

You have a pretty face - a charming and angelic one! And while most people think that it's a gift, your ethereal features don't help you at all in your role as a harsh dom. Your submissive tends to take you lightly. But you can't just replace your face permanently. Good thing there's a quick fix that sounds even better. . .wearing a mask! And if you're looking for a sinister accessory to hide your seraphic phase, then you should get a Sadist's Fancy Latex Gas Mask.

Rock bands, wrestlers, serial killers-what do these people have in common? They all wear masks. But they do so, not to look adorable, but to look terrifying. And if you want to impose the same effect on your sub, then you should get a blood-curdling veneer to hide your humanly features. This Sadist's Fancy Latex Gas Mask will give you the cover you need to look more daunting to your partner. Wear it during your play, and bring out your whip or paddle. You'll be the sexiest, most notorious-looking dom your sub has ever seen. Punish and discipline your sub like you're supposed to, and do it in the fanciest way possible.

Aside from using it to remind your sub who the boss is, it will also work as a fashion accessory that you can flaunt at a party. It looks so stylish that it will match any outfit you're strutting. You can even wear it over a surgical mask to keep you safe from any airborne diseases. It is available in three different styles, and each of them looks as striking as the other. You can get the style that matches your theme or personality, or you can get them all.

Impose your dominance with style. Hurry and set this up into your cart now!


Color Brown, Black
Material Latex
Dimension Length: N/A
Circumference/Thickness: N/A


Sadist's Fancy Latex Gas Mask

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