Sadistic Human Muzzle Harness
Sadistic Human Muzzle Harness
Sadistic Human Muzzle Harness

Ah, isn’t it ironic how your Sub is the only person in the world who can both please you and piss you? Yes, he has a big dick, but the man doesn’t have anything nice to say! Hence, he makes your eyes roll for all the right and wrong reasons. He’s so good at being bad, and you are now beginning to realize that he puts the moron in Oxymoron.

But your Sub knows just how to put it on you. And you enjoy this so much because when you say, “just like that,” your partner continues what he does until you cum. His filthy mouth shouldn’t be a problem, should it? For this reason, you should make him wear the Sadistic Human Muzzle Harness on his next trip to your room of pain!

This synthetic leather mask has a particular purpose—to keep his mouth shut. Underneath the muzzle is a silicone ball gag for him to bite on and silence completely. A harness runs across the center of his face to the top of his head. Then, there are two adjustable straps at the back of his head and nape for extra support. This elaborate setup is worth it because once you have secured each belt to its proper position, you will no longer hear an ounce of objection. Imagine your cocky Sub slumped in a chair, naked, restrained, and gagged. How inviting!

The world of BDSM is a sublime community where the reek of leather fills the air. But it is also not a sanctuary for the faint-hearted. So before you dive into extreme humiliation and degradation roleplay with your Sub, you should talk about his limits. You should practice each act consensually to avoid untoward instances. And remember that since your Sub is wearing a gag harness, you must establish safe signals and acknowledge their use should the need arise.

Now that you found the Sadistic Human Muzzle Harness, there’s no reason for you not to purchase it. Be quick and grab this accessory today!

Color Black, Red
Material Harness: Synthetic Leather
Ball Gag: Silicone
Dimension Length: N/A
Harness: Adjustable
Ball Gag: 1.93 inches


Sadistic Human Muzzle Harness

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