Royal Purple Latex Rubber Mask

Royal Purple Latex Rubber Mask

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Are you running out of ideas for your next BDSM activity? Why not try sensory deprivation?

Well, you may have been very skeptical about it considering the many preparations you need to do as you perform the practice, but guess what? They are worth it! And you are missing half of your BDSM life by not trying it! It's fun and more sensational since you aim to focus on one or more senses by stripping off the others. To understand the mechanics better, you can try masking your bottom with this Royal Purple Latex Rubber Mask.

With this product, the senses given much focus are sight, smell, and taste. When you put this bondage hood on your partner, you deprive her of her sense of hearing. She can only rely on her available stimuli to tell her your course of action. Yes, it's the thrill that comes with using this mask that makes it an excellent tool to add to your collection of kinky stuff.

Now that you know what glory lies in wearing this product, how about its specification? Well, first, it is made of latex rubber, a material that boasts elasticity, so you can rest assured to be getting a versatile cover. Second, it is an ensemble crafted with a back zipper for ease of wearing and quick release. Third, it has holes for the mouth and nostrils to ensure the wearer has an excellent air source. Also, it is sturdy and reliable enough to give you lasting durability.

But wait, to play safe, make sure to get your partner's consent before asking her to try it on. Discuss your plans with her and assign both verbal and nonverbal cues to make sure you don't go past her limitations. Always remember to prioritize safety above else.

So try the sensory deprivation activity with your partner. Don't forget to add this mask to your cart. Don't worry; it's a beginner-friendly piece suitable for her.


Color Purple
Material Latex Rubber
Dimension Length: N/A
Head; 22.44 inches
Neck: 14.57 inches
0.02 inches