Remote-Controlled Vibrating Penis Sleeve
Remote-Controlled Vibrating Penis Sleeve
Remote-Controlled Vibrating Penis Sleeve
Remote-Controlled Vibrating Penis Sleeve
Remote-Controlled Vibrating Penis Sleeve

What's good about your partner is she's ready for some adventure. She's open to using sex toys in her pussy as she understands your cock won't suffice. However, you need to know that she also needs a touch of a real penis sometimes. Likewise, you also need to exercise your dick and penetrate it into her pussy from time to time.

If satisfaction for both parties is your goal, then the Remote-Controlled Vibrating Penis Sleeve will help you in reaching it. Fuck her with your dressed cock without her feeling like it's a substitute one. With its soft, veined, and wrinkled textures, this sleeve's pressure inside her pussy mimics that of a real Johnnie - so arousing!

Your penis and her vagina are safe from unwanted plastic chemicals because the material used in this toy is high-quality, safe-to-use medical silicone. Aside from it, the toy also has a built-in vibrator with ten modes of frequency that stimulates your cock and her insides. A remote clicker controls the vibrating mechanism inside, so you can eliminate the need to reach it from time to time and maneuver it. It's all that you can ask for a penis sleeve. You get to satisfy yourself and give your woman the pleasure that she wants by nailing her pussy with your sleeved dick.

To use the toy, apply water-based lube onto your cock to smoothen the penetration to the sleeve. Insert your junk through the one end of the device until you reach its end. Then, using the clicker, turn on the vibrator and choose the mode that will stir both of you. Enjoy your humping until you both reach your peaks!

Once through, uninstall the tool from your penis, then clean it with soapy water. Rinse it thoroughly after, then completely dry it. Store it in a wet-free place, away from direct sun heat and dust, to maintain its quality. Reuse it as often as necessary and recharge it once the battery drains out.

Lucky for you to have a girl who understands what you lack. And lucky for her that you know how to fill in the gap. Get this Remote-Controlled Vibrating Penis Sleeve now and have a happily ever after!

Color/Type Flesh
Material Silicone
Dimension Length:
Sleeve: 6.10 inches (155 mm)
Remote: 2.60 inches (66 mm)
Charger Wire: 32.48 inches (825 mm)
Sleeve: 1.38 inches (35 mm)
Remote: 1.81 inches (46 mm)

Remote-Controlled Vibrating Penis Sleeve

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