Rainbow-Colored Metallic Tail Butt Plug 16 to 20 Inches Long


Make your sex fantasy as colorful as the Rainbow-Colored Metallic Tail Butt Plug 16 to 20 Inches Long, a tail plug created to brighten up your anal play!

This product is offered in three sizes of small, medium, and large. This also offers you four designs of butt plugs namely: round, thread, gourd, and long. With so many options, there’s definitely one that perfectly suits your style and experience level. We really don’t want anyone to miss the fun of having a colorful tail.

With a bright rainbow tail, you can be as playful as you want. The soft strands of this tail will certainly give you delightful tickles as it brushes against your thighs. Get naughty by swishing this tail, but if your furry-loving Dom chooses to be nasty, he might punish you for being one. A pet play will never be this good without a rainbow-colored tail, won’t it?

The metal plug can be used for temperature play. Soak it in a glass of hot water or a bowl of ice cubes before insertion, and you’ll be raving. As it’s made of quality metal, you can trust that it’s safe for body use because it’s non-porous. As such, it’s easy to sanitize. Use warm water and antibacterial soap when washing it, and it’s good to go. Cleaning the butt plug should be done before and after use without fail to prevent contamination.

The metal surface is smooth, but we suggest that you lube up to eliminate friction. Friction causes discomfort, pain, and possible injury to the bum, so it’s best to slather the toy with lubricant. It’s a good idea as well to put more lube in the butt hole for a slippery entry that feels pleasurable.

The doggie style never goes out of style, especially when you’re wearing a colorful tail.

Flaunt your booty adorned with a brightly-colored tail! A purchase made today means a brighter sex life ahead!


Handle:  Rainbow

Plug:  Silver

Type Tail Plug, Anal Hook

Handle:  Faux Fur

Plug: Metal



Handle: 13.77”-15.35”

Plug:   Small (round): 2.36”, Medium (Round):2.87”, Large (round): 3.27”, Small (thread): 2.48”, Medium (Thread) 2.76”, Large (thread):3.15”, Small (gourd): 2.36”, Medium (gourd): 3.35”, Large  (gourd): 3.94”, Small (long): 3.26”, Medium (long): 3.94, Large(Long): 4.53”


Handle: 1.96” – 2.36”

Plug:   Small (round): 1.06”, Medium (Round): 1.33”, Large (round): 1.61”, Small (thread): 1.14”, Medium (Thread) 1.33”, Large (thread):1.49”, Small (gourd): 1.10”, Medium (gourd): 1.34”, Large  (gourd): 1.61”, Small (long): 1.22”, Medium (long): 1.34”, Large (Long): 1.61”