Pump It Up Inflatable Mouth Gag
Pump It Up Inflatable Mouth Gag
Pump It Up Inflatable Mouth Gag
Pump It Up Inflatable Mouth Gag
Pump It Up Inflatable Mouth Gag

You have an obedient slave that submits to all your commands. She never did anything that would displease you as her dominant. But what you can’t seem to fathom is the reason why she’s not obeying you during playtime. Even if you tell her to suppress her aroused noises, she’s not listening. The room is always full of her distracting sound!

Well, we got a solution for that! There’s nothing more erotic than sealing your slave’s mouth with another cock. What better way to do it than with our Pump It Up Inflatable Mouth Gag!

It has a sleek and velvety strap—all thanks to its faux leather-based material. It is soft to touch and water-resistant, so you do not have to worry even if she drools a lot during your erotic and sensual BDSM playing. This material also offers an excellent resemblance to that of real leather. Its smell and look are what makes this component closer to genuineness.

Stuff your slave’s mouth with the highlight of this piece, the silicone-based realistic dildo. It is soft and supple, making the gagging experience comfortable. The dildo may look too small at first glance, and you may think the gag isn’t enough to prevent muffled groans from escaping from her mouth. Well, you’re surely mistaken by that contention. This silicone stick is connected to an easy-to-pump bulb, enabling it to inflate. It has a sturdy valve that serves as the stopper to gag her mouth with the right dildo size.

This tool is highly adjustable too! With its buckle and a good number of holes, you can set this tool according to its excellent fitting. It also helps this whole product stay in place even if your slave moves around and pleases you.

Clean this tool before and after use by wiping off the leather surface using a damped soft cloth. Wash the dildo and soak it in hot water for 5 minutes to sterilize it. Remember not to dip the whole piece of water. Doing so will affect the quality of the leather.

So, don't wait for something miraculous to happen. Grab this one now!

Color Black
Material Strap - Faux Leather
Dildo Gag - Silicone
Dimension Length:
Strap - 16.5 – 22.5 inches
Dildo - 2.95 inches
Panel- 8.27 inches
Dildo - 1.46 inches
Panel - 3.74 inches


Pump It Up Inflatable Mouth Gag

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