Power Exchange Spreader Bar Sex Toy
Power Exchange Spreader Bar Sex Toy
Power Exchange Spreader Bar Sex Toy

You can see in your slave's eyes the lack of interest whenever you bind her wrists with the handcuffs you've been using for almost a year. She has grown so used to them that she no longer feels excited getting bound or restrained. She knows exactly the routine and the role-plays you've built around them. Don't you think it's high time to step up your game and give her more challenging roles?

Restrain her with the Power Exchange Spreader Bar Sex Toy, and she'll be thrilled in complete surrender. The tool features a stainless steel bar with two pairs of cuffs permanently attached to it. Let her stand, then spread her legs by binding her ankles with the cuffs at both ends. Next, tell her to stoop down so you can strap her wrists with those cuffs in the middle of the bar. Lo and behold! A sexy, helpless slave ready to be ravished by your carnal lust. Bring out your paddle and start spanking your slave! Sodomize her butt or pinch her clit with clamps and hear her delightful moans and cries.

Secure the cuffs with their padlocks to make sure she won't escape no matter how sly she is. Because it's comfortable, secure, and stylish, this bondage set is a must-have. The cuffs are made of high-quality leather. Stitched with precision on the edges, these cuffs will surely last. All D-rings are riveted for durability. The spreader bar and the rest of the metal parts are stainless steel; thus, they won't rust or corrode.

Maintaining this bondage equipment is easy as you don't have to wash anything. Wipe the cuffs and the bar with a damp cloth to remove dirt and sweat. Use leather conditioner to prevent wrinkling or cracking. Then, store in a shaded corner as sunlight and heat will shorten its lifespan.

It isn't just for a female slave. It's for everyone who takes pleasure in bondage. Don't let this tool slip away. Send it home to you now!

Color/Type Red (Leather), Silver (Metal)
Material PU Leather
Stainless Steel
Dimension Length: Bar- 19.69 inches (50 cm)
Max Handcuff Circumference-9.84 inches (25 cm)
Max Thigh Circumference- 11.81 inches (30 cm)
Cuff width- 2.17 inches (5.5 cm)

Power Exchange Spreader Bar Sex Toy

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