Please Your Master Leather Sex Belt
Please Your Master Leather Sex Belt
Please Your Master Leather Sex Belt
Please Your Master Leather Sex Belt
Please Your Master Leather Sex Belt

You have a big personality, and that includes your appetite for sex. You have always wanted to explore, and you have had the best time with bondage activities. Now that you have an idea of how these kinky encounters are, you want more.

That is why you are here, to have an experience that is unlike any other. You need to find the perfect belt to pair with your usual kinky devices. That is where the Please Your Master Leather Sex Belt comes in. It's sexy, sultry, and has erotic details that do not only make this an erotic display but more of a versatile tool for your needs. Made of excellent quality synthetic leather, you will enjoy a beautiful strap that will decorate your body and still do its job well. It has a waistband that adjusts from 12.99 to 15.75 for your pleasure. The straps include several latches for you to modify the tightness according to your taste. The thigh straps are adjustable and can be attached with any other bondage toy you want to explore. Moreover, this leather set has rings where you can connect your preferred chain for a bit of change in your kinky positions. Pair this with your favorite kitty mask, maybe even add some steel cuffs for a bit of a sinister, naughty vibe.

As you get to enjoy this leather belt, you will need to take care of every part of it. PU leather, like all kinds of leather, cracks when it's overexposed to sunlight. Another reminder is for you to avoid moisture because it will depreciate the properties of the materials. Place this in a separate container to preserve its good quality

Make your kinky costume complete with this addition. You can use this alone or with other kinky accessories for a more enjoyable experience. Grab this lovely piece today!

Color Black
Material Synthetic Leather
Dimension Length: Vertical Leg Strap: 12.99 - 15.75 inches (33- 40 cm)
Waist- 25.59 inches - 37.40 inches (65-95 cm)
First Thigh Strap-18.50 in.- 24.01 in. (47-61 cm)
Middle Thigh Strap- 16.53 in.- 22.05 in. (42-56 cm)
Third Thigh Strap- 14.17 in.-19.68 in. (36-50 cm)


Please Your Master Leather Sex Belt

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